Y-Screening and Direct Amplification of Sexual Assault Samples

Part # PS294


Jeanne M. Bourdeau1, Robert S. McLaren11, Amy B. McGuckian2, Jerome G. Remm2, Julie Conover Sikorsky2, and Douglas R. Storts1.
1Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI, 53711; 2Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, West Palm Beach, FL, 33406

Screening for sperm in sexual assault samples is a laborious process with limited sensitivity in comparison to male DNA detection by amplification. Direct amplification of casework samples reduces both cost (labor & reagent) as well as the for potential DNA loss during purification, a special concern with low template samples. The prototype Casework Direct Solution Kit rapidly generates lysates from casework samples that may be amplified with the PowerQuant®System to screen sexual assault samples for male DNA and to normalize human template for STR amplification with one of the PowerPlex®Systems.

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