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Improved Performance for Forensic Casework: Extraction and Isolation Updates for the Maxwell® 16 Instrument Poster

Part # PS141


Paraj V. Mandrekar, Joseph Bessetti, Bharat Mankani, Christine Newton, Steve Krueger, Julia Krueger, Thomas Lubben, Douglas Horejsh and Cristopher Cowan

Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Road, Madison, WI USA 53711

The DNA IQ™ System is an established chemistry for the recovery of DNA from casework samples. Successful recovery of DNA from most casework samples depends upon the efficiency of two separate processes. Extraction efficiency refers to the recovery of sample from a solid support such as a swab or cutting of fabric. Isolation efficiency refers to the recovery of DNA from the extracted sample that is achieved during purification.

We have recently improved the performance of the DNA IQ™ System on the Maxwell®16 instrument. We accomplished this enhancement through independent improvements in extraction and isolation chemistries. First, we designed a new LEV plunger using a proprietary material that increases the isolation efficiency of the DNA IQ™ System chemistry as performed on the Maxwell®16 instrument. We can demonstrate the effect of our LEV plunger redesign upon isolation efficiency using liquid samples. Second, we have achieved improved extraction efficiency by introducing an optimized extraction buffer chemistry that precedes the DNA isolation process.

These changes resulted in increased DNA yield across a variety of samples, using the DNA IQ™ System compared with organic extraction.

Printed in USA.