HiBiT-HaloTag-LC3 Tandem Reporter Enables Multiple Autophagy Assay Modalities

Part # PS345


Dan Lazar, Braeden Butler, Samantha Lewis, Gediminas Vidugiris, and James Cali
Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI, 53711

Researchers interrogating cellular functions often leverage complementary assay technologies to confirm observations. Promega offers many choices, including bioluminescent reporters, fluorescence imaging capabilities, and now antibody-free protein blotting. Delivering all these assay modalities with a single reporter module, HiBiT-HaloTag, is a unique Promega capability. As demonstrated with the Autophagy LC3 HiBiT Reporter, this tandem reporter system allows researchers to perform plate reader assays, HiBiT protein blotting, and HaloTag imaging using a single reporter cell line. The versatile autophagy reporter provides a powerful tool for the quantitative study of the autophagy pathway, the identification of novel modulators of autophagic flux, and the efficient confirmation of mechanism of action. Use of the HiBiT-HaloTag module in other reporter constructs will provide significant opportunities to perform quantitative and conclusive biological studies with powerful, complementary assay technologies.

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