An Amplification-Based Assay for Better Characterization of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Purified from Plasma

Part # PS311


Eric Vincent, Jenny Loeb, Douglas Wieczorek, Jennifer Mook, Curtis Knox, Douglas White, Douglas Horejsh, Douglas Storts, and Marjeta Urh
Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI 53711 

Quantity and quality of ccfDNA from plasma is highly variable, with frequent contamination of larger, genomic DNA as a consequence of hemolysis during plasma processing. ccfDNA yields are typically low, with tumor or fetal DNA at significantly lower frequencies compared with normal or maternal. Due to the inherent variability of ccfDNA, knowing the quantity of DNA is not in itself reliably predictive of the amount of true ccfDNA. In this poster, we describe novel methods for measuring ccfDNA quality and quantity utilizing a multiplexed qPCR assay.

Printed in USA.