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Accelerating the STR Analysis Workflow Through Automation and Direct Amplification Methods Scientific Poster

Part # PS194


David Yoder, PhD1, Laurence Delauriere, PhD2, Ann MacPhetridge, BS1, Benjamin E. Krenke, MS1, Robert Ray, BS1
1Promega Corporation, Madison, WI, USA
2Promega France, Lyon, France

Analysis of amplified short tandem repeat (STR) multiplexes remains the primary technique for human identification. Several developments in STR analysis can improve workflow efficiency, including automated amplification plate setup, and direct amplification of samples. We demonstrate automated direct amplification methods on two robotic platforms using PowerPlex® STR multiplexes. Swabs and punches from FTA® were typed with PowerPlex® Fusion, ESI 17 Fast, 18D, and Y23 Systems. Amplifications from swabs and punches were performed without sample purification or wash steps, utilizing methods on the Hamilton STARlet and easyPunch STARlet liquid handling workstations. With reliable amplification and the absence of detectable cross contamination, the automated reaction setup provides a high first-pass success rate for direct amplification. Efficiencies can be gained through a reduction in both hands-on reaction setup time and potential handling errors, as well as barcoded sample tracking and report generation.

Printed in USA.