DNA IQ™ System—Database Protocol

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
DC6700, DC6701

Literature # TB297

The DNA IQ™ System is a DNA isolation and quantitation system designed specifically for the forensic and paternity communities. This system employs a novel technology with magnetic particles to prepare clean samples for short tandem repeat (STR) analysis easily and efficiently. The DNA IQ™ System can be used to extract DNA from stains or liquid samples such as blood or resulting DNA solutions.

The DNA IQ™ resin has a defined DNA-binding capacity in the presence of excess DNA. Yields will be consistent within a single sample type but will differ with different sample types. The typical yield for FTA® blood card punches is 50–100ng, for liquid blood, 50–200ng; and for buccal swabs, 100–500ng. Since recovery depends on the sampling method, solid support and sample type, laboratories will need to determine the average yield for a single sample type. Once this average yield has been determined, the researcher can bypass the quantitation step typically necessary with other purification procedures.

There are two protocols available for use with the DNA IQ™ System. The complete protocol linked below provides instructions for processing database samples. A second protocol for small sample casework is also available from the choices in the menu along the right margin.

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