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GoTaq® Flexi DNA Polymerase: Robust Performance with Magnesium Optimization

Kimberly Knoche, Becky Godat, Mark Koeff and Susan Fly
Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2005


GoTaq® Flexi DNA Polymerase is a new member of the GoTaq® family of products. The two GoTaq® Flexi Buffers offer the flexibility of magnesium optimization in PCR. Green GoTaq® Flexi Buffer allows loading of amplified DNA samples directly onto agarose gels, eliminating the need to add sample loading buffer to PCR samples before electrophoresis. Colorless GoTaq® Flexi Buffer is provided for use when PCR samples are not loaded onto a gel or when the dyes in the Green GoTaq® Flexi Buffer would interfere with downstream applications.

Promega Notes 89, 17–20.

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