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FluoroTect™ GreenLys in vitro Translation Labeling System

Gary Kobs, Robin Hurst, Natalie Betz and Becky Godat
Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2001


The FluoroTect™ GreenLys in vitro Translation Labeling System is the first commercially available fluorescent technology for labeling in vitro translation products. The FluoroTect™ System uses a modified charged lysine transfer RNA (tRNA) labeled with the fluorophore, BODIPY®-FL. The modified lysine tRNA is used efficiently in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic in vitro translation systems. Data is obtained in a few minutes by the detection of the fluorescently labeled proteins "in-gel" with laser-based fluorescent gel scanning. This feature circumvents the multiple manipulations associated with traditional isotopic and nonisotopic incorporation and detection methodologies.

Promega Notes 77, 23–27.

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