Global Logistics Built to Grow With You, White Paper WP122

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: April 2021
Abstract: Evaluating a potential partner’s manufacturing capabilities requires an understanding of how that partner manages and controls their manufacturing operations to ensure your product is delivered to your specifications every time. Once you have found a supplier with the required expertise, manufacturing capabilities and quality controls, you also need to know that the chosen manufacturer has the required logistics support and supply chain in place to meet your delivery requirements.

Promega’s global logistics organization and extensive distribution network offer decades of industry expertise and experience supporting Promega’s customers on a global basis. Our fully-controlled, reliable end-to-end supply chain, from inventory management to warehousing, order processing and distribution ensures accurate and timely product delivery. With our global capabilities, we can ship to over 100 countries. Your delivery time will be confirmed at the time of order, and will depend upon the product, location and time in transit.