Quantitating DNA from FFPE Tissue


Accurate quantitation of DNA concentration is critical for many applications. Traditional spectrophotometric assays have a practical lower limit of detection at ~1μg/ml; however, many isolated DNA samples have concentrations well below this level. The QuantiFluor™ dsDNA System is a fast, easy and sensitive method for determining low DNA concentrations. In this article, we isolated dsDNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples with the Maxwell® 16 FFPE Tissue LEV DNA Purification Kit and quantitated DNA concentrations using both the QuantiFluor™ dsDNA System and NanoDrop spectrophotometer. The NanoDrop® spectrophotometer was only able to determine concentrations for samples above 2ng/μl, but the QuantiFluor™ System accurately determined concentrations for all samples.

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