Isolating gDNA from Packed Cell Pellets


Packed blood cell pellets are created by centrifugation of a whole blood sample and removal of the plasma fraction (packed all cell pellet) or the plasma and white blood cell fractions (packed red cell pellet). Processing with the ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation system is based on using a whole blood sample starting volume of no more than 10ml. Packed blood cell pellet samples are placed into the ReliaPrep™ LV 32 HSM Instrument in 50ml conical tubes for processing. For semi-automated processing, the ReliaPrep™ LV 32 HSM Instrument guides the user through reagent additions and aspirations via its LCD screen based on the original whole blood sample volume used to create the packed blood cell pellet. For automated processing, the liquid handler will perform processing steps, scaling the reagent additions for each sample based on the sample volumes detected.