Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Cells and simplyRNA Tissue Kits Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
AS1340, AS1390

Literature # TM416

The Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Cells and simplyRNA Tissue Kits are used with the Maxwell® RSC Instruments to isolate total RNA from tissue culture cells or fresh tissue samples. RNA is isolated with minimal sample handling before automated purification on the Maxwell® RSC or Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument. The Maxwell® Instruments are supplied with preprogrammed purification procedures and are designed for use with predispensed reagent cartridges, maximizing simplicity and convenience. The Maxwell® RSC Instrument processes up to 16 samples, and the Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument processes up to 48 samples in under an hour. The low elution volume results in concentrated high-quality RNA suitable for use in downstream applications.

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