Maxwell® RSC Instrument Operating Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)

Literature # TM411

The Maxwell® Rapid Sample Concentrator (RSC) Instrument provides automated nucleic acid purification for a range of research sample types. The Maxwell® RSC Instrument is designed for use by laboratory professionals. The purification methods use sample lysis and binding to paramagnetic particles as the primary separation principle. Up to 16 samples can be prepared in a single run. The instrument is controlled through a graphical user interface running on a tablet PC. The Maxwell® RSC Instrument has the ability to record and report sample tracking and method run data.

The automated purification performed by the Maxwell® RSC Instrument include:
• Sample lysis in the presence of a specially formulated Lysis Buffer
• Binding of nucleic acids to paramagnetic particles
• Washing of the bound target molecules away from other cellular components
• Elution of the product

The Maxwell® RSC Instrument is exclusively designed to be used with Maxwell® RSC reagent kits to perform automated isolation of nucleic acids. 
The Maxwell® RSC is for research use only.

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