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siCHECK™ Vectors

Instructions for Use of Product(s)

Literature # TB329

The psiCHECK™-1 Vector and psiCHECK™-2 Vector provide a quantitative and rapid approach to optimize RNA interference (RNAi). The vectors enable monitoring of changes in expression of a target gene fused to the reporter gene. In both vectors, Renilla luciferase is used as a primary reporter gene, and the gene of interest can be cloned into the multiple cloning region located downstream of the Renilla translational stop codon. Initiation of the RNAi process towards a gene of interest results in cleavage and subsequent degradation of fusion mRNA. Measurement of decreased Renilla luciferase activity is a convenient indicator of RNAi effect.

Summary of Changes
The following changes were made to the 4/16 revision of this document:
1. Removed discussion of using this product with shRNA.

Printed in USA. Revised 4/16.