pCMVTNT™ Vector

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Literature # TB305

The pCMVTNT™ Vector is designed for convenient expression of cloned genes using in vivo or in vitro expression systems. Both the SP6 and T7 polymerase promoters lie in tandem adjacent to the multiple cloning site, allowing highly efficient synthesis of RNA in vitro from either promoter. Protein can be expressed in vitro from a gene cloned into the pCMVTNT™ Vector using an SP6- or T7-based in vitro transcription/translation system. The pCMVTNT™ Vector contains a 5´ β-globin leader sequence reported to enhance expression of certain genes in vitro. For in vivo expression, the vector contains a cytomegalovirus (CMV) enhancer/promoter region that allows strong constitutive expression in many cell types. A β-globin/IgG chimeric intron and a late SV40 polyadenylation site are located downstream from the enhancer/promoter region.

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