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Wizard® Plus Midipreps DNA Purification System Technical Bulletin

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
A7640, A7651, A7701

Literature # TB173

The Wizard® Plus Midipreps DNA Purification System eliminates many of the problems associated with standard midiprep procedures and provides a simple and reliable method for rapid isolation of plasmid DNA. This system can be used to isolate any plasmid but works most efficiently with plasmids <20,000bp. When using the standard protocol, the entire midiprep process can be completed in 90 minutes or less, with no organic extractions or ethanol precipitations. Multiple midipreps can be easily processed at one time with the Vac-Man® (20-sample capacity, Cat.# A7231) or Vac-Man® Jr. (2-sample capacity, Cat.# A7660) Laboratory Vacuum Manifold. DNA is eluted from the Wizard® Midicolumn in Nuclease-Free Water (Cat.# P1193). The purified plasmid can be used directly for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing or restriction digestion without further manipulation and can be used for in vitro transcription reactions supplemented with a ribonuclease inhibitor, such as Recombinant RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor (Cat.# N2511).

Printed in USA. Revised 12/10.

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