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ONE-Glo™ EX Luciferase Assay System Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
E8110, E8120, E8130, E8150

Literature # TM432

The ONE-Glo™ EX Luciferase Assay System provides the high sensitivity and long-lived luminescence required for batch processing multiple 96-, 384- or 1,536-well plates and quantitating firefly luciferase expression. The ONE-Glo™ EX Assay is a simple add-mix-read, or homogeneous, protocol, and employs a new assay chemistry to increase both the luminescence signal stability and greatly increase the reconstituted reagent stability. The approximately 2 hour signal half-life provides greater flexibility in assay design. A reconstituted reagent that can be stored at room temperature for longer periods means less variability in reagent performance during long experiments or screens and less sample waste. The ONE-Glo™ EX Reagent is the firefly luciferase detection reagent used in the Nano-Glo® Dual-Luciferase® Reporter (NanoDLR™) Assay System, allowing the same reagent to be used for single- or dual-luciferase assays.

Printed in USA 3/15.