How do I detect cytotoxicity as it occurs in real-time?

How do I measure cytotoxicity over a long time course?

Monitoring Cytotoxicity in Real Time

The CellTox™ Green Cytotoxicity Assay is chemically stable and excluded from live cells. As a result, it can be used to study the kinetics of cytotoxicity. The dye can be added at the time of cell plating or compound treatment, and the fluorescence monitored over a period of up to 72 hours. Alternatively, the dye can be added at the conclusion of compound treatment and an endpoint measurement taken.

Test Your Knowledge

dose-dependent cytotoxicity data 11114ME-W

Bortezomib has been shown to inhibit proteasomes, cellular enzymes that play a role in regulation and cell growth processes, which in turn can lead to cancer cell death. Cells were treated with Bortezomib. The cell response was evaluated over the course of 72 hours using the CellTox™ Green Cytotoxicity Assay.

Interpret The Data

Does this compound show cytotoxicity based on the data?

Yes No


At what time point is cytotoxicity first detected?

Module 2 - Cytotoxicity Kinetics And Mechanism of Action