NGS Library Prep

The ProNex® Size Selective Purification System is a novel magnetic bead-based purification chemistry that is designed to improve yield, precision of size selectivity, reproducibility and ease of user handling when compared to AMPure® XP or other similar offerings.

In addition to simple NGS library preparation, the ProNex® Size Selective Purification System can be used for other applications such as RNA clean up, enrichment of ccfDNA samples in the presence of contaminating gDNA, and size exclusion of DNA fragments up to 10kb and below for use in long-read sequencing with PacBio or Oxford Nanopore systems. 

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NGS Library Prep Basics

Library clean up and size selection are critical to obtaining optimal sequencing performance for almost every next generation sequencing application because of three fundamental NGS sample requirements:

  • DNA libraries are pure and do not contain free DNA, adapters, PCR primers and other contaminating compounds in solution.
  • DNA insert sizes are of the correct length for a given sequencing platform.
  • DNA insert sizes are of uniform length.