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HaloCHIP™ System

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This product is discontinued
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HaloCHIP™ System

A ChIP Alternative for Efficient Capture of Protein:DNA Complexes

The HaloCHIP™ System is a novel method designed for the covalent capture of intracellular protein:DNA complexes without the use of antibodies.  HaloCHIP™ System offers an efficient and robust alternative to the standard chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP assay) methods. Proteins of interest are expressed in cells as HaloTag® fusion proteins, crosslinked to DNA with formaldehyde and then captured on HaloLink™ Resin, which forms a highly specific, covalent interaction with the HaloTag® portion of the fusion protein. Stringent washing removes nonspecific proteins and DNA, and heating reverses the crosslinks between the DNA and the fusion protein and releases the captured DNA fragment, which subsequently can be purified.

The HaloCHIP™ System helps you obtain data in 24–48 hours with fewer steps than standard ChIP assays, minimizing potential experimental errors. The improved signal-to-noise ratios allow detection of small changes in protein-binding from a minimal number of cells.

Representation of the HaloCHIP™ System.




What's in the box?

Item Part # Size Available Separately

HaloLink™ Resin

G191A 1 × 0.5ml

Mammalian Lysis Buffer

G938A 1 × 40ml View Product

High Salt Wash Buffer

G939A 1 × 25ml

Reversal Buffer

G940A 1 × 8ml

HaloCHIP™ Blocking Ligand

G5491 1 × 30μl

Nuclease-Free Water

P1195 1 × 150ml View Product

TE Buffer, 1X, Molecular Biology Grade

V6231 1 × 100ml

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