2nd European Symposium on Human Interaction Oral Presentations

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Author Title
Antti Sajantila A World Wide Survey on Human Specific Alu Insertion Polymorphisms(38KB)
Peter de Knijff General Characteristics and Population Genetic Application of Chromosome Y Microsatellites(432KB)
Lutz Roewer Y Chromosome STR Analysis in Forensic Practice(44KB)
Mark J. Wadhams Analysis of Highly Degraded Forensic Specimens by "Mini-Primer Set" mtDNA Sequence Analysis(15KB)
Pavel L. Ivanov Identification of Human Decomposed Remains Using the STR Systems: Effect on Typing Results (436KB)
Jeanette Wallin AMPFlSTR(tm) PCR Amplification Multiplex Systems(15KB)
Ann M. Lins The Evolution of Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Multiplex Systems(206KB)
James P. Ross STR Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis: Technical Issues and Considerations(13KB)
J. A. Thomson Validation of SGM and PowerPlex(tm) STR Systems for Paternity Testing(15KB)
Kevin C. McElfresh Putting STR Megaplexes to the Test: Casework, Felon Databanking and Population Genetics(14KB)
Peter M. Schneider DNA Databases for Offender Identification in Europe - The Need for Technical, Legal and Political Harmonization(57KB)
Jose A. Lorente Population Studies and Casework Application with the New GenePrint(tm) SilverSTR(tm) III Multiplex (D16S539, D7S820, D13S317)(91KB)
Daniel Vanek Final Report of the Interpol European Working Party on DNA Profiling(59KB)
Helen N. Dunbar Latest Developments in Forensic DNA Profiling- the UK National DNA Database (36KB)
Walther Parson Laboratory Strategy of the Austrian DNA Intelligence Database(15KB)
P. Gill Interpretation of Mixtures Based on Peak Area - Identification of Genetic Anomalies, Stutters and Other Artefacts(118KB)
Bruce Budowle CODIS and PCR-Based Short Tandem Repeat Loci: Law Enforcement Tools (62KB)
Jenifer A. L. Smith Source Identification of Body Fluid Stains Using DNA Profiling(25KB)
Mark R. Wilson Mitochondrial DNA Typing in the FBI Laboratory: Casework Experience and Future Directions(14KB)
G. Tully Forensic Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA: Application of Multiplex Solid-Phase - Fluorescent Minisequencing to High Throughput Analysis(49KB)
Alex M. Garvin Highly Accurate Analysis of Heterozygous Loci by Single Cell PCR(33KB)
James W. Schumm Pentanucleotide Repeats: Highly Polymorphic Genetic Markers Displaying Minimal Stutter Artifact(746KB)
Jian Qing Tang A Promising New STR Marker System for DNA Fingerprinting(282KB)
D. Reuter Application of Mass Spectrometry in DNA Analysis(20KB)
Kathryn M. Stephens High-Throughput STR Analysis by Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (220KB)
Elfriede G. Van den Eeckhout DNA Typing of Fingerprints and Skin Debris: Sensitivity of Capillary Electrophoresis in Forensic Applications using Multiplex PCR (49KB)
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