27th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
O'Shea Argentina, DNA, Truth and Privacy
Hunt DNA Weight and the Legal Rules of Relevance
Lee The Hitchhikers Guide to Wisconsin Act 20: Unanticipated Effects and Consequences of Misdemeanor and Arrest Sample Collections
Benschop SmartRank: An Open-Source Likelihood Ratio Software for Searching National DNA Databases with Complex DNA Profiles
Grgicak The Development and Release of a Collection of Computational Tools and a Large-Scale Empirical Data Set for Validation: The PROVEDIt Initiative
Oefelein Johnny’s got a Gun, Or is it Tom, Or maybe Bill: Combating Complex DNA Mixtures Obtained from Gun Swabs Utilizing the Probabilistic Genotyping Software STRMIX™
Wiley Blind Testing and Evaluation of a Comprehensive DNA Phenotyping System
Kayser Molecular Estimation of Time and Forensic Relevance
Panel Discussion Reducing the Sexual Assault Backlog
Hares CODIS and NDIS update
Schneider From Genetics to Genomics – European Perspectives for an Integrated Approach to the Use of Genetic Evidence in Criminal Investigations
Katsanis Re-thinking International Missing Persons DNA Databases
Fischer INTERPOL’s DNA Unit: Tools and Services for International DNA Data Exchange
Rynas Tackling the SAEK backlog: The New Mexican Way
French Developmental Validation of the DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ Instrument and Expert System: Reference Sample Processing for Upload to the National DNA Index System
Chung The Use of Rapid DNA in the Department of Homeland Security
Robitaille Garcia Rethinking Complex Mixture Interpretation
Harmon Planted Evidence? EDTA Testing: The OJ Simpson/Steven Avery Connection
Lekova Identification of 18 Years Old Bones Through DNA Relationship Testing Using Freezer Mill With Liquid Nitrogen for DNA Extraction
Felipe-Ortega Identification of Human Remains Buried at the Dozier School for Boys
Romano A Cold Case Review into the Mind of Serial Killer Joseph Naso
Rizzo Keeping it “All in the Family”- How a Son and a Piece of Pizza Unmasked the Grim Sleeper Serial Killer
Hurst Forensic DNA Policy and Funding Update: Emerging Trends in the US and Abroad
Herrin OSAC Biology/DNA Scientific Area Committee Status Report
Perez Identifying Individuals through Proteomic Analysis
Brandhagen Next Generation Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing at the FBI Laboratory
Parson Genetic Identification of Highly Degraded DNA by Capture-Based Massively Parallel Next Generation Sequencing
Novroski What’s Hiding Between the Primers? Using Massively Parallel Sequencing to Capture STR Repeat Region and Flanking Sequence Variation
Holland Best Practices for Reporting mtDNA Heteroplasmy in Forensic Casework when Using a Massively Parallel Sequencing Approach and Considering Rates, DNA Damage & Drift

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