24th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Castriciano Copan Dual 4N6FLOQSwabs Allows Original Sample Record Retention 
2 Chong DNA Profiling of Touch Evidence – DNA IQ™ on Maxwell 16® Instrument, Identifiler Plus PCR Amplification and 3500XI Genetic Analyzer 
3 Lee Overcoming PCR Inhibition Using Mutant Taq Polymerases 
4 Ellis Identification of Spermatozoa from Challenged Samples 
5 Gentile Holmes: A New Forensic Tool for Simultaneous DNA Testing and Biological Matrix Identification 
6 Gicale Direct Amplification of Database Samples with 5X AmpSolution 
7 Graziano DNAstable® LD Validation Project 
8 Ioannidis Extraction of “Contact” DNA Swabs – A Modified Approach 
9 Johns Substrate Controls – A Simple Story 
10 Klevan Selective Isolation of Sperm from Biological Samples Using a Unique Oligosaccharide Capture Reagent in a Microfluidic Platform 
11 Mariano Comparison of Copan 4N6FLOQSwabs™ to Swabs Currently in Use for Crime Scene Evidence Collection 
12 Mawlood Importance of Active Drying Using ForensiX Swabs Taken from Saliva Stains
13 McGrory Validation of the Hamilton Microlab® Starlet for Use in Reference and Casework Extraction
14 Mealy Effective Long-Term Preservation of Biological Evidence
15 D. Muller Processing Challenging Casework Samples: New Protocols on the Qiasymphony SP/AS Instruments 
16 R. Muller A Highly Efficient Method to Concentrate DNA for Forensic STR Genotyping Using DNAstable® 
17 Oste New Instrumentation for Secure and Cost Efficient Long-Term Storage of Forensic Samples at Ambient Temperature
18 Parker Identification of Non-Synonymous SNPs in Archaeological Hair Protein: Calculation of Measures of Identity and Biogeographic Background
19 Ping SERATEC® PSA Semiquant and RSID-Semen Combination for Detection of Human Semen 
20 Podini Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Copan 4N6FLOQSwabs Used for Crime Scene Evidence Collection 
21 Podini Copper Induced DNA Damage on Unfired Brass Cartridge Casings
22 Reich Partial Profile Recovery: Amplicon Rx 
23 Rojas DNA Obtained from Fetal Bone Remains Using Phenol; Chloroform, Isoamilic Alcohol and Total Demineralization 
24 Scheible Generation of High-Quality mtGenome Reference Data: Maximizing the Typing Success of High Quality, Low Quantity Specimens 
25 Shore Use of mitoPrimers™ and CleanAmp™ Master Mix for Mitochondrial DNA Testing
26 Lodhi Human DNA Degradation Depending on UV Radiation Wavelength and Exposure Time 
27 Williams Differential Extraction of Mixed Stains Using the Qiacube Platform and EZ1 Advanced Robotic Workstation
28 Wong Automating the Differential Digestion Process in the Analysis of Sexual Assault Evidence Using Selective Degradation 
29 Fisher Evaluation of Plexor® HY Quantification Data and Casework Application Challenges 
30 Pineda Development of a Highly Sensitive Quantification System for Assessing DNA Quality in Forensic Samples
31 Farash Enhanced Genetic Analysis of Bio-Particles Isolated from Single- and Multi-Source Touch DNA Evidence Using Micro-Volume DNA/RNA Profiling Strategies 
32 Ge One Complete Versus Triplicate Analyses in Low Template DNA Typing
33 Moudouni Recovery of DNA from Adhesive Material 
34 Verdon Evaluation of Tapelifting as a Collection Method for Touch DNA 
35 Hanson Multiplex High Resolution Melt (HRM) Messenger RNA Profiling Assays for Body Fluid Identification
36 Lam Sensitivity of DNA Extraction Methods from Different Bodily Fluid for Human Identification 
37 Chemale Application of a Panel of 14 D-Loop mtDNA SNPs for the Screening of Highly Degraded Specimens in Missing Persons Cases 
38 Altshuler Direct PCR Amplification Using PowerPlex® Fusion Kit, PowerPlex® Y23 and Washing Reagents
39 Amick PowerPlex® Fusion Validation, Comparison, and Discussion 
40 Flores Validation of the GlobalFiler™ Express 
41 Freitas Genetic Profiles Obtained from Severely Damaged Bone Samples Using PowerPlex® ESX17
42 Gonzalez Validation of the Kit: PowerPlex® Fusion at the Genetics Lab, Fiscalia General de la Nacion de Columbia
43 Hughes-Stamm Development and Evaluation of a Rapid PCR Method for the PowerPlex® S5 System for Forensic DNA Profiling
44 Liu Direct Amplification of Forensic Touch DNA Samples
45 Monderman Trace Evidence Links Hunter to Grizzly Bear Poaching
46 Sprecher Developmental Validation of the PowerPlex® Fusion System
47 Torres Internal Validation of Kits for Use in Typing of Reference Samples
48 Koller Evaluation of the Performance of Commercial Kits for the Rapid Generation of DNA Profiles 
49 Vance Validation of the Promega PowerPlex® Fusion System Using Applied Biosystems’ 3730xl DNA Analyzer
50 Watsula Evaluation of PowerPlex® Fusion at Full, Half, and Quarter Reaction Volumes 
51 Chila A Tale of Two Databases: A Comparison of the Applied Biosystems YFiler Haplotype and U.S. Y-STR Databases
52 Diaz A New Vision of the Distribution of Y-Chromosome STRs in Dominican Republic Using PowerPlex® Y23 System
53 Gopinath Development and Validation of the YFiler® Plus PCR Amplification Kit, A New Highly Discriminating Y-STR Multiplex for Forensic Applications 
54 Bocaz Beneventi Determination and Comparison of the Parameters of Biological Sample Analysis Using Y-Filer® Kits (Applied Biosystems) and PowerPlex® Y23 System (Promega Corporation)
55 Grgicak Characterization of the Sources of Peak Height Uncertainty Resulting from Ordinary Alterations During Forensic DNA Processing: Examining Validation Schemes for the Calibration of NOCIt
56 Kopecny Likelihood Ratio (LR) for Siblings – Its Variability and Precision with Usage of the New Generation Kits
57 Powell Comparison of Three Calculators for Complex Low Level Mixtures 
58 Zidkova Model Based Eye Color Prediction Using Bayesian Networks with Consequent Likelihood Ratio Interpretation in Czech Republic 
59 Diaz Study of Dominican Population Samples Characterize with 29 Autosomal STR Loci Available in Commercial STR Multiplex Kits
60 Hashiyada Forensic Parameters and Allele Frequency Distributions of 33 STR in a Japanese Population 
61 Salvador Y Chromosomal DNA Variation of the Filipino Population at 34 Y Chromosome Specific Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Markers
62 Solis Allelic Frequency of 17 STR Loci from Panamanian General Population
63 Bansal Fast Desktop App for Inference of Bio-Geographic Ancestry, Haplogroups, Appearance and Relatedness from DNA 
64 Bornman An Open Framework Application for Analyzing STRs and Other Forensic Markers from Second Generation Sequencing Data
65 Greenspoon Pushing the Limits of TrueAllele®
66 Kalufat The Development of a Validation Module in ArmedXpert™: An Improvement in the Life of the DNA Technical Leader 
67 Kalufat How the Automation of DNA Data Interpretation Using ArmedXpert™ Software has Benefitted the United States Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL)
68 Kalufat Evaluation of OSIRIS for Forensic DNA Casework and Incorporation into Laboratory Work Flow 
69 Noreuil Open Source Independent Review and Interpretation System (OSIRIS) as an Expert System for Convicted Offender Analysis
70 Perlin Proving a DNA Negative: The Man Who Wasn’t There 
71 Perlin Getting Past First Bayes with DNA Mixtures
72 Shewale Development of an Innovative DNA Quantification and Assessment System
73 Shewale A New Integrated Sample Collection to Report Generation Workflow Solution for Paternity and Relationship Testing
74 Warshauer Strait Razor: A Bioinformatic Tool for Length-Based STR Allele-Calling in Massively Parallel Sequencing Data 
75 Hampikian Subjectivity and Bias in Forensic DNA Mixture Interpretation
76 Hennessey Process Mapping and Forensic DNA Investigations 
77 West, Ivory Effectiveness of Applying Lean Six Sigma Principles to the DNA Database at the North Carolina State Laboratory
78 Kays Integrated Forensic DNA Data Management, Storage and Analysis – A Scalable Enterprise Solution for Forensic DNA Laboratories
79 Mapes Real Time DNA –Analysis at the Crime Scene from the Perspective of the Scene of Crime Officer
80 Nolde Challenges and Rewards of New Forensic DNA Laboratory Development Around the World
81 Patel Secondary Traumatization: My Story
82 Pearson Examination of Proposed Manufacturing Standards Using Low Template DNA
83 West Application of Lean Six Sigma Principles to the Forensic Biology Casework Unit of the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory 
84 LaRue Highly Reliable Reference Sample Genotyping Utilizing an Automated Rapid DNA Typing Platform
85 Lee Production of Customized Resequencing Array for SNP Based Human Identification
86 LeFebrve Identification of an Individual in Complex Forensic Mixtures Using SNP Microarrays 
87 Bintz A Tale of Two Platforms: An Evaluation of the Roche GS Junior And Illumina® MiSeq Next-Generation Sequencing Instruments for Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
88 Burnside Next Generation Sequencing of the Human Mitochondrial Genome Using a Multiplexed PCR Strategy and Illumina® Nextera® XT
89 Cavanaugh Separation of Complex DNA Mixtures from Touch Evidence 
90 Chang Applications of Ion Torrent PGM™ in Human Identification 
91 Davoran 16S Metagenomic Analysis of DNA from Human Skeletal Samples Using the Roche 454 GS Junior Sequencer
92 Dawson Cruz Prototype Development of a Forensic Microdevice Using Infrared-Mediated Heating and a Rotation-Driven Platform
93 French Validation of the DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System: Presentation of Data
94 Gangano RapidHIT™ 200 Applications for Real-World Cases
95 Hennessy Integration of a European STR Assay on the RapidHIT™ 200 System for Investigative Searches 
96 McElhoe Rates and Maternal Transmission of mtDNA Heteroplasmy Using a Next Generation Sequencing Approach 
97 McMillan An Initial Evaluation of Next-Generation Sequencing Technology for STR-Based Mixture Deconvolution Using PCR-Enriched Samples
98 Petrovick Next-Generation Sequencing of STR and SNP Loci for Human Identification and Mixture Analysis
99 Scheible Short Tandem Repeat Typing on the 454 Platform: Strategies and Consideration for Targeted Sequencing of Common Forensic Markers
100 Stawski Evaluation of Whole Genome Amplification Kits for Augmentation of Mitochondrial DNA from Hair Shaft Extracts for Next Generation Sequencing
101 Wendt Rapid Human Identification: Evaluation of the RapidHIT™ 200
102 Zeng Whole Mitochondrial Genome Typing on Ion Torrent™ PGM™ Platform
103 Young Characterization of STR Allelotyping Data from Second Generation Sequencing (SGS) Workflows
104 Williams Developmental Validation of the RapidHIT™ 200 System 
105 Fregeau The Qiagen Investigator Quantiplex HYres as an Alternative Kit for DNA Quantification
106 Wendell Single Crystal Micropump for STR Analysis Made from Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) Alloy 
107 Yoder Accelerating the STR Analysis Workflow through Automation and Direct Amplification Methods 
108 Riley OSIRIS Version 2.2: Intelligent Casework and CODIS STR Analysis
109 Riego Allele Frequencies for 3 New Autosomal STR Loci (D1S1656, D6S1043 And D12S391) of the PowerPlex® 21 System from the Dominican Republic Population
110 Thompson A New Robust Human and Male Specific DNA Quantification System that Monitors DNA Integrity

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