20th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Fallow The Forensic Use of YSTR Technology In New Zealand
2 Ge Interpreting Y Chromosome STR Haplotype Mixture
3 Miller Frequency of Apparent False Inclusions in Complex Y-STR Mixtures
4 Oliveira Male Genetic Constitution of Afro-Derived Brazilian Populations Estimated by Y-Chromosome's STRs
5 Tsutsumi Allele Frequencies of Eight X-STR in the Japanese Population
6 Cicarelli Genetic Data of 10 X-Chromosomal Loci in Vitória City Population (Espirito Santo State, Brazil)
7 Abati Validation of PowerPlex 16® HS for Low DNA Content Samples
8 Biswas 15 STRs Loci and Sex Specific Amelogenin Analysis of Blood Samples From Female Patients Receives Massive Blood Transfusion Using ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer
9 Green Developmental Validation of the AmpFlSTR® NGM™ Kit, a Robust and Highly Discriminatory STR Multiplex
10 Halpern Rapid STR Prescreening of Forensic Samples at the Crime Scene
11 Mayntz-Press Evaluation and Comparison of PowerPlex® 16HS for Use in Forensic Laboratories
12 Provencher Internal Validation of the AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® PCR Amplification Kit
13 Sutherland The Evaluation Of Eight Commercially Available Kits
14 Vallone Rapid PCR Amplification of STR Typing Kits
15 Camargo Advantages of PowerPlex® 16 HS in the Analysis of Complex Forensic Samples in Colombia
16 Clark Characterization of n+4 Stutter in Profiler Plus and COfiler Amplification
17 Bethea Utility of Amplification Enhancers for the Analysis of Mixed DNA Samples
18 Krenke Increased Capability for Database and Casework Sample Analysis From a Single STR Kit
19 Schubbert Internal Validation PowerPlex® ESX and ESI Kits
20 Trogdon Overcoming PCR Inhibition of Low Quantity and Low Quality Samples With Amplification Enhancers
21 Pei Preliminary Study of Highly Polymorphic STR Locus in Cannabis sativa
22 Paranaiba DNA Identification of the Air France Flight 447 Disaster Victims
23 Price Automatically Lower Your Inhibitions and Increase Your Sensitivity: PowerPlex®16 HS Validation on a Hamilton Starlet® Liquid Handling Workstation
24 Rabbach PowerPlex® ESI and ESX Systems for the New European Standard
25 Benschop Post-coital Vaginal Sampling With Nylon Flocked Swabs Improves DNA Typing
26 Herzer Evaluation of a Low Cost Method for Long-Term Storage of Genomic DNA From Crime Scene Samples
27 Johnson The Effect of Time on the Integrity of Buccal Swab Samples Collected for DNA Analysis
28 Moran The EasiCollect™ Device With Indicating FTA® Elute for the Collection of Buccal Cells and Downstream Elution of Amplifiable DNA
29 Paul Comparison of DNA Storage in Sample Matrix and Teflon Tubes
30 Duncan An Analysis of Single and Multicopy Methods for DNA Analysis by Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
31 Boonlayangoor Developmental Validation of RSID™-Urine: A New Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Strip Test for the Forensic Detection of Human Urine
32 Brandhagen Optimization and Validation of a DNA Extraction Method From Skeletal Remains
33 Esparza Qiagen® MinElute PCR Purification Increases Sensitivity in Four Multiplex PCR Kits
34 Feller DNA Extraction From Hair Using Pressure Cycling Technology
35 Graham The Universal Biopsy Tool: A Novel Tissue Collection and Preservation Device for DNA Identification After Mass Fatality Incidents
36 Kupferschmid Evaluation of a Novel Sampling Device to Improve Recovery of Biological Forensic Material for DNA Profiling: Possible Casework Applications for the Microbial-Vacuum (M-Vac)®
37 O'Brien The Benefit of Using the Qiagen MinElute® PCR Purification Kit for Post PCR Cleanup on Low Level DNA Samples
38 Liang How Yellow is Yellow? UV-VIS and SALIgAE® Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative Tools for the Analysis of Salivary Amylase
39 Aper Side-by-Side Extraction Study Between the Maxwell® 16 by Promega and the EZ1™ By Qiagen
40 Kelly Forensic-like Stains on Denim: Removal of an RT-PCR Inhibitor From RNA Samples Isolated From Blue Jean Material
41 Parker DNA Isolation From Blood and Buccal Samples on FTA® for Human Identification
42 Turnbough Going All In: Big Silica Devices, Big Returns From Bone
43 Holt An Innovative Method for Extraction of DNA From Calcified Tissues and Biological Materials
44 Wong Chapped, Pale Lips? Just Shimmer!!
45 Brevnov Extraction of High Quality DNA From Biological Materials Using a Purpose Defined System
46 McCombs A Novel Method for Performing Differential Extractions Resulting in High Purity and Yield
47 Bessetti Automated Method Updates for the Promega DNA IQ™ System
48 Bonk Sample to Analysis Automation With Promega Chemistries
49 Decker Using SRM 2372 Human DNA Quantitation Standard in qPCR Assays: Are There Differences Between Assays?
50 Kitayama A Real-Time PCR Assay for the Estimation of the DNA Degradation
51 Wojtkiewicz Slope-Intercept Adjustment Formula to Obtain Consistent RT-PCR Quantification Results
52 Hanson Identification of Forensically Relevant Body Fluids Using a Panel of Differentially Expressed MicroRNAs
53 Hikaru ABO Type Gene Examination by Real-Time PCR Method
54 Kavlick Relative and Absolute Quantification of the GAPDH Housekeeping Gene
55 Kermekchiev Novel Inhibition-Resistant Taq Mutant Enymes and PCR Enhancers Designed for Forensics
56 Koons Method Comparison for the Quantification of Extracted RNA: Implications for Forensic Analysis
57 Nakahara Newly Developed Multiplex SNPs Typing System Based on Invader Assay
58 Reich Summary Results of a Blinded Study on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Using Sperm Hy-Liter™ to Screen Sexual Assault Evidence for Sperm
59 Donfack RNA Integrity (RIN) Number and the Influence on Cycle Threshold (Ct) Value in a Real-Time qRT-PCR
60 Fang SNP and STR Profiling of Forensic Sample Types
61 Pei Genetic Polymorphism of ITI in Protein and Nucleic Acid Level
62 Larsen Autosomal STRs Alone May Not be Sufficient for the Identification of Human Remains
63 Elling MtExpert™: Development of an Automated System for mtDNA Data Analysis and Type Generation
64 Calloway Improved Discrimination of Mitochondrial DNA Analysis Targeting 61 Polymorphic Sites
65 Hill Setting Interpretation Thresholds and Results With Low-Level DNA Analysis
66 Swinfield Forensic DNA Analysis of Material Transferred During Physical Assault
67 Roy Generating DNA Profiles From Immunochromatographic Cards Using an LCN Methodology
68 Tamariz Investigation of the Detection of DNA Through Secondary and Tertiary Transfer
69 Arihood Do You Know What is Happening With Your Lab's CODIS Hits?
70 Bogan Lean Six Sigma Engineering for Improved Laboratory Throughput and Efficiency
71 Jones Duke A New Model of Validation Support Serves Laboratory Needs and the Expedited Implementation of New Methodologies
72 Swienton DNA for the Defense
73 Amick Process Improvements at Richland County Sheriff's Department
74 Fitzpatrick Resolution of 80-Year-Old Cold Case by DNA Analysis and Database Mining
75 Kline NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for the Forensic Human Identity Community: Past, Present, and Future Directions You Can Assist in Making
76 Wraxall DNA Analysis of Property Crime Samples
77 Bourgoin A Fully Automated DNA IQ™ Purification Method for Likely High DNA Yield Casework Samples on a Tecan7reg; Freedom EVO® Workstation
78 Katzilierakis The Implementation of the Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Robotics Workstation into the Oklahoma State CODIS Laboratory
79 Leon Feasibility of Using the Qiagen QIAcube to Help Automate the Differential Extraction Process
80 Engel Automated Reaction Setup of Quantification PCR, STR and Capillary Electrophoresis on the QIAgility
81 Stray An Automated System for DNA Extraction, Quantification, Normalization and STR Amplification of Forensic Evidence Samples
82 Blair Beckman Coulter Human ID Solutions
83 Benfield The Next Generation Capillary Electrophoresis System
84 Kramer Performance Evaluation of the New EZ1 Advanced XL for Forensic Applications
85 Schnibbe A Novel Platform for the Modular Integration of Forensic Assay Set Up and Medium-to-High-Throughput Purification of Nucleic Acids
86 Bostwick The Use of the i-STReam Mixture Deconvolution Software Tool in the FSS-i3 Suite for the Analysis of Casework Samples
87 Harrah The Use of GeneMapper® ID-X Software v1.1 for the Analysis of Mixed DNA Samples
88 Myers Empirical Study of Donor Ratios to Assess Guidelines for Mixture Deconvolution
89 Snyder-Leiby Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Mixture Analysis Applications in GeneMarker® HID
90 Aceves Validation of GeneMapper® ID-X Software v1.0.1 Expert System With AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Data
91 Turo Casework Validation of TrueAllele Mixture Interpretation
92 David Three Match Statistics, One Verdict
93 Qi Validation of the Mixture Analysis Tool in GeneMapper® ID-X v1.1 Software
94 Neall The Release of Osiris Public Domain Software for DNA Profile QA
95 Maguire Developing a Likelihood Ratio Approach to 'Familial Searching' of a DNA Database Using the Advanced Functionality Of FSS-ibd
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