17th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Fujihara CYP2A6*1A, *1B, *1F, *1G, *4A and *4D Polymorphism Reveals Differences Among Small Areas of Japan and the Existence of a Specific Variant in Ovambo and Turk Populations
2 Decker Evaluation of Additional Y-STR Loci to Resolve Common Haplotypes
3 Mayntz-Press Strategies for Obtaining a DNA Profile of the Male Donor in Extended Interval (>72 Hour) Post-coital Cervico-vaginal Samples Using Commercial Y-STR Multiplex Systems: Extraction Techniques, Post Amplification Clean Up and Novel Enzymes
4 Pollard Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Fluorescent DNA Probes
5 Zimdars Evaluation of the Applied Biosystems AmpFlSTR® MiniFiler™PCR Amplification Kit
6 Carter Screening of Forensic Evidence Samples to Detect the Presence of Human Male DNA Using a Novel, High Throughput, Real-Time PCR-Based Detection System: Y-Detect™ RT
7 Perlin Data Review Productivity for Databank Profiles
8 DiFrancesco Unique Challenges Faced When Processing Evidence at the USACIL
9 Lenigk Development of a Fully Automated Processing Cartridge for the STR-Typing of Sexual Assault Samples
10 Holland GeneMarker®: Development and Validation of a New Software Tool for the Analysis of STR Data
11 Shewale A Multiplexed System for Quantification of Y-DNA and Total Human DNA
12 Reich A Novel Lateral Flow Strip Test for Rapid Identification of Human Saliva (Rapid Stain Identification-Saliva)
13 Lubenow Inexhaustible Trace Evidence?— Applying Whole Genome Amplification to Forensic DNA Casework
14 Anjaria Considerations in the Design, Validation, and Accreditation of a Forensic, Casework-Focused DNA Laboratory
15 Schubbert Optimization of Isolation and Amplification of DNA From Degraded Tissues
16 Smith Simplified Low Copy Number DNA Analysis by Post PCR Purification
17 Valentine Separation of Diploid Cells Using FISH and LMD Applications in the Analysis of Sexual Assault Evidence
18 Allard mtDNA Reference Database for the Domestic Dog
19 Oliver Validation and Stability Study of ExoSAP-IT® Post-PCR Purified Casework mtDNA Samples at the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
20 Baumgarten An Individual with a Rare Homozygous Null Phenotype
21 Biswas Short Tandem Repeat (STRs) and Sex Specific Amelogenin Analysis of Blood Samples From Neurosurgical Female Patients Received Massive Blood Transfusion
22 Villanueva DNA Storage: Today's Personalized Medicine, Tomorrow's Cure
23 Jaya Analysis and Interpretation of Short Tandem Repeat Three-Banded Allele Pattern at the D7S820 Locus
24 Silva Recent Human Phylogenies on Southeast of Brazil Using Autosomic STR Loci
25 Davis Mitochondrial Haplotypes in the Basque Population of Southern Idaho
26 Benfield A Streamlined Approach to Validating New Forensic DNA Technologies
27 Moura-Neto Color and Genomic Ancestry of Brazilians Studied with Forensic Microsatellites
28 Gehrig Validation of the Mentype® Argus X-8 Kit
29 Franco A New Method to Recover Trace DNA
30 Hampikian Comparison of the Qiagen Robotic and Step-Wise Spin Column DNA Extraction Techniques Utilizing the Qiagen EZ1 Biorobot
31 Tjhen Eyebrow Hairs From Cadavers as a Unique and Reliable Source for DNA Profiling
32 Wilson Recovery of DNA from Blood Spattered Clothing
33 de Leeuw Detection and Isolation of Male Cells in Oligo -and Azoospermic Sexual Assault Cases Using Interphase X-, Y FISH and Laser Microdissection
34 Blom STR-Typing of Methyl Violet Stained Fingerprints on the Adhesive Sides of Tape
35 Han Application of New DNA Purification Method for Forensic Evidence Samples
36 Roy Autosomal STR Variation in a Basque Population: Vizcaya Province
37 Roy Y-STR Frequencies and Admixture in Males of the Aleutian Islands
38 Milne DFO as a Possible Screening Tool for the Detection of Saliva on Envelopes
39 Plopper High Throughput Processing of Family Reference Samples for Missing Persons Programs: The Use of Robotics in Extraction and Amplification Setup For STR and mtDNA Analysis
40 Seman Comparison of the Bio-Rad iCycler IQ™5 and the Stratagene Mx3005P Real-Time PCR Systems in Conjunction with Promega's Plexor™ GI Prototype System for the Simultaneous Quantitation of Autosomal and Y-Chromosome DNA
41 Silva Evaluation of Zeolite as a Substrate for Collection and Storage of DNA
42 Roby The National Institute of Justice's Expert Systems Testbed Project: Phase II, Analysis of Casework Samples
43 Matsumoto Expert System Software for Evaluating Automated STR Genotyping Results
44 Hill Characterization of 26 New MiniSTR Loci
45 Ballinger Development of a Y Chromosome Specific Screening Method for Sexual Assault Evidence
46 Mueller Assessing Promega DNA IQ™ System and Invitrogen ChargeSwitch® Kit Technology for Bone and Tissue Extractions
47 Qi Validation Of GeneScan™ 600LIZ® Size Standard for Forensic Applications
48 Tsukada Sperm DNA Extraction Efficiency from Mixed Stains Using the Differex™ System
49 Tsukada Rapid Stain Identification (RSID) Specificity and Sensitivity
50 Kraemer The Use of "Mini" STR Loci for Resolving Difficult Family Relationship Cases
51 Hall Dual Extraction of RNA and DNA from Human Body Fluids for Use in Forensic Casework
52 Schnibbe DNA Purification From Forensic Samples Using the BioRobot M48
53 Greenspoon Microfabricated Capillary Array Electrophoresis (µCAE) STR Profiling in a Forensic Laboratory
54 Chun DNA Profiling of Urine Samples Using DNA Extraction Kit
55 Renteria X4—The Rise of the Imperfects
56 Erek WellAware Witnessing Software
57 Maynard Re-evaluation of a Contamination Threshold: A New Look at the Contamination Detection Limits of the ABI 3130® Genetic Analyzer
58 Sims The Use of Recently Phylogenetically Defined Y-SNPs in a Typing System to Predict Ethnogeographic Ancestry Using Pyrosequencing Technology
59 DeGroot Automation in the Laboratory Employing the Tecan Freedom EVO 100 for High Throughput Forensic Applications
60 DeGroot DNA IQ™ System Initial Incubation Temperature Modification Study
61 Caltagirone Validation of the Promega DNA IQ™ System for Casework Samples
62 Conti Forensic Stain Identification by RT-PCR Analysis and Consequent Development of a New DNA Extraction Method
63 Evans Repairing Damaged DNA Improves PCR Yield and Accuracy
64 Jiang Experience of Identification Massive Disaster Victims and Unknown Bodies
65 Nguyen High-Resolution DNA Melting Curve Analysis to Establish STR Genotypic Identity
66 Hashiyada "Fast" SNPs Analysis For Human Identification
67 Kal DNA Identification of the 15 Victims of the 'December Murders' in Surinam
68 Mailly Validation of Fully Automated qPCR and PCR Methods for Forensic Casework Samples on the Tecan Freedom EVO®
69 Saunier Integrated Robotic and Bioinformatics Tools for High-Throughput mtDNA Control Region Databasing
70 Sarafian Validation of a 17-Locus Y-STR Multiplex System
71 Mills Implementation of the AB 3130 Genetic Analyzer and GeneMapper® ID V3.2 in Forensic Casework
72 Thompson Comparison of Forensic DNA Extraction Methods
73 Stuart Increasing Mitochondrial DNA Discrimination Among Caucasian and Hispanic Population Samples Using a Panel of 56 Immobilized SSO Probes
74 Fukushima High-Yield Method of DNA Extraction from Old and Degraded Samples of Human Skeletal Remains
75 Mizuno 16 Y-Chromosomal STR Haplotypes in Japanese and DNA Sequence Analysis of Variant Alleles
76 Perella Blind Study Using Cytochrome B Primers for Processing Ancient Skeletal Remains
77 Pickering Automated DNA Extraction from Forensics Samples Using ChargeSwitch® Technology and the New Invitrogen iPrep Instrument
78 Spangler The Intersection of Genetic Identity: The Application of Multiple Marker Systems to Establish Identity 50 Years After Death
79 Holland Deckman Analysis of Heteroplasmic Distribution in a Single Mitochondrion by the Optical Tweezers Methodology and Quantitative PCR
80 Brook Stone It’s Not What is Under the Fingernail That Counts...
81 Wictum A Case of Burglary and Animal Abuse: Phylogenetic Assignment Adds Power to Dog Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
82 Roberts STR Analysis of Human DNA From Exploded Bomb Fragments and Spent Cartridge Casings
83 Roberts A Comparison of the Recovery of Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA from Biological Stains Submerged in Salt Water
84 van Oorschot Booster PCR For Low-Copy Number Samples
85 van Oorschot Determining Restriction Digest Efficiency Using the SNaPshot Single Base Extension Method
86 van Oorschot Improving Extraction, Purification and Concentration Protocols for Trace Amounts of DNA
87 O'Dell The Phoenix Police Department's Validation of an Automated Method for DNA Sample Processing
88 Shepard Sodium Phosphate Enhanced DNA Extraction from Bone
89 Lin Assessment of Two Methods for Quantitating RNA Extracted from Human Body Fluids
90 Kline NIST SRM Updates: Value-Added to the Current Materials in SRM 2391b and SRM 2395
91 Laik Development of an Automated DNA Characterization Procedure for Use in DNA Microarray Preparation
92 Laik Comprehensive Microbial Genome Display and Analysis
93 Garofano A Novel Use of PureYield™ Clearing Columns (Promega) to Purify Samples for Large Volume DNA Extraction
94 Asogawa Development of Portable STR Analysis System Aiming On-Site Screening
95 O'Connor The Relative Roles of Molecular Genetic and Evolutionary Forces in the Unexpectedly High Frequencies of Microvariant Alleles
96 Suhl Efficiency and Accuracy of the Affymetrix GeneChip® Human Mitochondrial Resequencing Array 2.0 as Compared to Standard Sequencing
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