16th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Michael Bjerke Promega Maxwell 16™, a Simple and Integrated Solution for Small to Medium-Sized Laboratories
Bruce Budowle A Robust SNP Typing Methodology: Overcoming Limitations of Mitochondrial Analysis
Thomas Callaghan Update on FBI’s CODIS Program Laboratory Division, CODIS Unit
Karin Crenshaw Evaluation of STR Allele Detection and Data Analysis using Microfabricated Capillary Array Electrophoresis Devices
Jennifer Daskal and Christopher Flood The World of Independent Testing from the Perspective of Defense Counsel: What We Look for in Choosing the Right Forensic Laboratory
Jane Juusola Messenger RNA Profiling: Body Identification using Multiplex Real-time PCR
Leonard Klevan Development of a High Throughput System for Detection of Human Male DNA in Forensic Samples
Margaret Kline Testing Candidate DNA Quantitation Standards with Several Real-Time Quantitative PCR Methods
Benjamin Krenke Application of the Plexor™ Technology to Human DNA Quantitation
Kelli Langley Application of Leica Laser Microdissection (LMD) Microsystem to Expedite Forensic Sexual Assault Casework
Kimberlyn Nelson Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of Skeletal Remains: Hope or Futility for the National Missing Persons DNA Database
Tammy Pruet Northrup Developing Innovative Solutions to Process All Felons and Arrestee Samples
Mark Perlin Real-Time DNA Investigation
Rhonda Roby The National Institute of Justice’s Expert Systems Testbed Project
James Schumm Quantifying 1 pg Human DNA while Checking for PCR Inhibitors
Brendan Shea Muhammad and Malvo: The Serial Sniper Case of October 2002
Rebecca Sparkes What Will the Criminal Justice System Require from DNA Profiling in the Future?
Rick Staub Products of “Anonymous” Sperm Donations
Spencer Wells Tracing the Journey of Man
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