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15th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

NOTE: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Poster # Author Title
1 Allen Forensic Casework Analysis Using the HVI/HVII mtDNA Linear Arrays
2 Bieber Laser Capture Microdissection: Application to Forensic Casework and Evaluation and Validation of Different Platforms
3 Nilsson Applications of Real-Time Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Quantification
4 Cho Non-Amplification of an Allele of the vWA Locus Due to a Mismatch in the 3' Terminus of the Primer Binding Site
5 Nilsson Sensitive Analysis of STR and SNP Markers Using the Pyrosequencing Technology
6 Poe Comparison of Buccal Cell Collection Methods
7 Schubbert Analysis and Interpretation of Three and Four Banded Patterns and False Homozygotic Human DNA Samples
8 Shin Different Distribution of Mitochondrial DNA Length Heteroplasmy Across Human Blood, Tissues and Hairs
9 Gaviria Nineteen Autosomal Microsatellite Data from Antioquia (Colombia)
10 Stansberry Development of an Expert System to Interpret STR DNA Analysis Results
11 Wang Resolution of 3-People STR DNA Mixtures Using Least-Square Deconvolution- Initial Results
12 Wang Probability Distribution of Allele Bands For Multi-Person STR Mixtures
13 Ragab Identification of Decomposed Human Remains, Casework Experience with the PCR-Based STR Systems
14 Al Shamali A Case Report of a Family with a Rare Mutation in the Amelogenin Gene: Comparison of Two Different Approaches to Resolve the Issue of Correct Sex Typing.
15 Biondo Typing of 20 Y-Chromosome STRs in the Italian Population
16 Batzer Interference of Human Geographic Origins Using ALU Insertion Polymorphisms
17 Olivastro Real-time mtDNA Specific Quantitation    
18 Riolo Male or Female?
19 Danielson Forensic mtDNA Analysis and Mixture Separation by Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
20 Wallin The Latest Casework Fashions at the CA DOJ Jan Bashinski DNA Laboratory
21 Roberts Detection of Heteroplasmy in Human Head Hair and Bloodstains from 132 Individuals Using a Prototype Mitochondrial DNA Linear Array Assay
22 Brown Low Quantity DNA Extraction from Fired Cartridge Casings: Protocol Development and Casework Experience
23 Halsing From Blood to Buccal: Reinventing the California State Data Bank
24 Covert The Impact of Contaminants on DNA Extracted Using the DNA IQ™ System
25 Bajda Modification of Amplification and STR Detection Conditions to Enhance Sensitivity of the Identifiler® (ABI) and PowerPlex® 16 (Promega) Kits for Low Copy Number DNA Samples
26 Kupferschmid, Scholl Automated, Highly Integrated Casework Sample Processing
27 Boland Proper Maintenance and Data Analysis Using the Quantifiler™ and Quantifler™ Y Human DNA Quantification Kits on the ABI PRISM® 7000 Sequence Detection System
28 Aponte, Machin Quantification of DNA Extracted From Teeth
29 Jarvis Identification of Human Blood: An Immunoassay Utilizing Anti-Human Hemoglobin
30 Muharam Two Million PCR Reactions Generated from Difficult Forensic Samples
31 Otieno, Carter Analysis of the Human Alu Ya-Lineage
32 Beleza 17 Y-Chromosome STR Loci Variation In Cabinda
33 Dimo-Simonin Genetic Identification of Urine Samples Used for Doping Control
34 Beleza The Human Y Chromosome: Distribution of 16 Microsatellite Markers in the Portuguese Population
35 Pfoser Validation of the Qiagen BioRobot EZ1: A Quick, Automated Method for Extracting DNA.
36 Garber Identification and Characterization of Yc Lineage Alu Elements for Tracking Population Affiliation
37 Senju The Detection of C-Stretch in Mitochondrial Control Region Using Melting Curve Analysis.
38 Levin Detection of Low-Frequency Heteroplasmic Mitochondrial DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
39 Whitman The Stability of Amplified Product In Forensic Casework During Long Term Storage
40 Rockhold Validation of Quantifiler™ Quantitation Kits Using the ABI® 7000 and ABI Prism® 3100 Genetic Analyzer
41 Bright Familial Database Searching- A New Zealand Case Study
42 Graffy, Boonlayangoor Utilizing Proficiency Testing Survey Results in Forensic DNA Laboratories
43 Brutzki Paternity Testing Utilizing STR DNA Analysis of Malignant Tissue to Establish the Identity of a Deceased Man
44 Hirofumi Polymorphism of Mitochondrial DNA in a Family Line
45 Nakayashiki A Novel Approach of Selective Detection of Parental Allele In Differentially Methylated Region
46 Yamamoto Allele Frequency Distributions at Pentanucleotide STRs Included in a Newly Commercially Released Triplex Typing System in a Japanese Population
47 Tie Determination of DNA Polymorphisms from Formalin-Fixed Tissues Using Whole Genome Amplification Method
48 Ragab The Egyptian Population Data For 10 Y-Chromosome Specific STR's
49 Shaffer An Ivestigation on the Efficacy and Limitations of STR Multiplex Systems in Low Copy Number (LCN) DNA Analysis
50 Sippel Positive Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Reaction in Rectal Samples from Deceased Males
51 Yong Genetic Polymorphisms of 11 Y-Short Tandem Repeat Loci in Singapore Populations
52 Nguyen BodeCODES™ - An Automated Software Package for Post Genotyper Data Review
53 Lenigk Development of Plastic Microfluidic Devices for Automated Preparation of Samples for STR Typing
54 Ford Validation Study of the Genophiler® Automated Data Review System
55 Gehrig Validation of the PowerPlex® Y System
56 Smith Comparison of DNA Storage Methods
57 Johnson The Development of a Completely Robotic High-Through-Put System for STR Typing of Moderately Challenged Oral Swabs
58 Holland Uncovering the Hidden Suspect: Practical Casework Experiences Using the Promega PowerPlex® Y System
59 Hybki Development of mtDNA Multiplex SNP Panels
60 Chidambaram Optimization of Template DNA Volumes in PowerPlex® 16 Amplification Reactions when DNA Concentrations Fall Below the QuantiBlot® Detection Threshold
61 Meyers Human Identification Using the PowerPlex®16 System on the MegaBACE DNA Analysis Platform
62 Tack Automated DNA Normalization and Typing PCR Setup Using Forensic B & E Casework Samples
63 Johnson Casework Experience Using Y-STRs
64 Komuro Polymorphism of vWA Locus in a Family Line
65 Lima PowerPlex® 16 Analysis by Megabace™ DNA Analysis System
66 Ketchum Combining Novel Methods to Achieve Reliable Results in Extremely Low Yield Human/Animal Mixes
67 Park Combined Use of STRs and mtDNA Genetic Profiles for the Identification of Korean War Victims
68 Hashiyada Y-STR Haplotypes in Japanese Using PowerPlex® Y System
69 Reagin Evaluation of GenomiPhi Whole Genome DNA Amplification with the PowerPlex® 16 System
70 Bush Comparison of the DNA IQ™ System and SoilMaster™ Method for Isolating DNA from Bloodstains Contaminated with Soil
71 Aranda Development of a New FFFL Plus MultiPlex System for Use in Human Identification Cases Requiring Additional Discriminatory and Statistical Power
72 Aranda Alkaline Extraction of DNA from FTA® Paper Spotted with Buccal Epithelial Cells and Whole Blood
73 O'Callaghan Unusual and/or Problematic Sequence Variants in the mtDNA HyperVariable Region 1: A Catalog, and Calling Guidelines
74 O'Callaghan Unusual and/or Problematic Sequence Variants in the mtDNA HyperVariable Regions 2 and 3: A Catalog, and Calling Guidelines
75 Howard A Comparative Study of Aluquant™, Quantifiler™ and Quantiblot™ Quantification Methods
76 Howard Standardizing Yields From Blood Card Punches Extracted with DNA IQ™ and the Biomek® 2000 Liquid Handler
77 Sippel PowerPlex® Y-STR Analysis on Forensic Casework Samples: FTA®-card as a Matrix for Blood Samples from Fresh and Decomposed Bodies
78 Ferrance Development of Poly(ethylene oxide) as a Polymeric Sieving Matrix for Forensic STR Analysis
79 Ferrance Multiplex Microchip-PCR for STR analysis
80 Ferrance Integrated Cell Separation and DNA Extraction on a Microdevice for DNA Analysis of Sexual Assault Evidence
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