13th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Yukio Itakura Biometric Personal Authentication System Using DNA Data
2 Yacheng Liu Some Deep Study of Bone DNA Analysis
3 Liza Winebrenner The Night the Lights Went Out in Germantown, an Amplification Study
4 Noelle Dimo-Simonin Some Strategies to Recover SGM PLUS® Profiles from Problematic Evidence Samples
5 M. Al Salih Validation of Beckman Coulter CEQ™ 8000 for Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analysis
6 Barbara Levin The Complete mtDNA Genome Sequence of Human Cell Line HL-60 and its Inclusion in the NIST Human Mitochondrial DNA Standard Reference Material SRM 2392
7 Martina Nilsson Analysis of Polymorphic Coding Reigns of the Mitochondrial Genome
8 Joselle Germano Development of a Nationwide AFLP DNA Database for Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa)
9 Mark Perlin The Contributor Problem in DNA Forensics
10 Anders Alderborn Pyrosequencing™ Technology for Fast and Dependable Determination of DNA Sequence Variation
11 Robert Giles The Use of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Marker Panel for Human Identification from Compromised Biological Specimens
12 Alejandro Augusto Vernaza-Kwiers Allele Frequency of Nine (9) Short Tandem Repeat Loci in the Panamanian Population
13 Ariane Davidson Fingernail Material as Strong Evidence from the Crime Scene
14 Steve Lee Genetic Analysis of SNPs Using the Luminex 100 and Masterplex™GT from MiraiBio Inc.
15 James Thomas Resolving Problems Associated with Forensic mtDNA Analysis: Cloning as a Method of Separating Mixtures, Quantitating Heteroplasmy, and Enhancing Trace Amounts of DNA
16 James Thomas Observed mtDNA Substitutions Among Maternal Lineages of the European Royalty
17 Giampietro Lago AB0 GenoTyping by SNaPshot Minisequencing
18 Eric Buel Development of Alu PCR and Alu Real-Time PCR Methods for Quantitation of Human DNA in Forensic Samples
19 Magdalena Zoledziewska An Evaluation of a Technique for DNA Isolation from Human Bones. The Advantages of Silica-based Spin Columns Designed for PCR Product Purification
20 Timothy McMahon Optimization - An Old Question Revisited
21 Magdalena Zoledziewska Mater Semper Certa Est - A Case of Individual Identification of Human Remains Based on DNA Assay
22 Juan Yunis Genetic Structure and Evolutionary History of 14 Amerindian Tribes of the Amazonian and Orinoquian Regions of Colombia Based on Seven Loci Y-Chromosome STR Haplotypes. A Comparison with the Linguistic Affiliation.
23 Juan Yunis Genetic Analysis Based on 8 Loci Y-Chromosome STR Haplotypes in a Sample of Caucasian Mestizo and African Descent Male individuals of Colombia
24 Juan Yunis Comparison of PowerPlex™16 BIO with DNA IQ™ or Chelex® 100 Isolation Procedures
25 Soong Deok Lee Polymorphism of Nine STR Loci on X Chromosome in Koreans
26 Mark Wilson Phylogenic Characterization of the SWGDAM Forensic mtDNA Data Set
28 Susan Jones The Role of DNA Identification in Military Incidents in the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan
29 Alexandra Gavrilidis X-Chromosome STR Multiplex Construction, and Allele Frequencies in an Australian Caucasian Population
30 Reena Roy To Poop or Not to Poop? That Is The Question!! A Validation Study
31 Dolores Schoenbauer DNA™ IQ System: Results with Paraffin Embedded Tissues and "Challenged Samples"
32 Andrea Carla de Souza Goes Identification of Human Remains Rescued from Ocean Water by Mitochondrial DNA Analysis - Detection of 25 Polymorphisms
33 Renato Biondo A New Approach to Quantification/Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA of Biological Traces by ABI Prism® 7700 Sequence Detection System
34 Debang Liu Use of Locus Specific Brackets in Calibration of Y-Chromosome STR Alleles
35 Brendan Shea Validation of a Y-Chromosome STR 10-Plex
36 Linda Jankowski A Novel Method for Determining and Annotating DNA STR Mixtures Using a Set of Mixture Interpretation Guidelines Developed for Complex Cases
37 Toshimichi Yamamoto A Newly Designed Quadraplex Typing System for Y-STRs Useful for Degraded DNA Samples
38 Kerri Dugan SNP Analysis of the Y Chromosome
39 Elizabeth Olivastro Evaluation of Micro Capillary Electrophoresis for mtDNA Quantitation
40 Mary Jones Optimization of Reduced Volume Polymerase Chain Reactions (RV-PCR)
41 Rainer Schubbert Detection of Microvariants and Large Alleles in Microsatellite System SE33/ACTBP 2, FGA/FIBRA AND S21S11
42 Ralph Schwenzer Establishment of a STR-Duplex Real Time PCR for Detection and Selection of Forensic Samples Containing Low Copy Number DNA
43 Jean-Michael Andrade Forensic DNA Isolation From Root Hair with the Novel DNA IQ™ Technology
44 Shelly Steadman Sonication Removal of Cellular Material from Nail Clippings and DNA Typing of Separated Components
45 Penny Noake Sequence Polymorphism in the Human Melanocortin 1 Receptor Gene as an Indicator of the Red Hair Phenotype
46 Lara Dowland Isocode® ID™, A DNA Collection and Isolation Device for Use with Clear Biological Samples
47 Sudhir Sinha In-house Validation Using PowerPlex® 16 STR Multiplex on the ABI Prism® 310 Genetic Analyzer
48 Allan Asp Rapid Identification and Virulence Characterization of Bacillus Anthracis Using Pyrosequencing™ Technology
49 John Hartman Development of a Novel Assay for the Quantitation of Human DNA
50 Robert Blackett DNA From Dirty Clothes
51 Jennifer LaCoss Evaluation of AluQuant™ Human DNA Quantitation System by the Houston Police Dept
53 Masaki Hashiyada Polymorphism of Seventeen STRs of the Multiplex Analysis System in Japanese Population
54 Masaki Hashiyada Development of Biometoric DNA Ink for Authentication
55 Michael Adamowicz Validation of the AluQuant™ Kit for Forensic Examinations
56 Kyoung-Jin Shin Sequence Analysis of ABO Gene in Koreans for its Application to Human Identification
57 Kyoung-Jin Shin Analysis of Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosomal DNA from 400 Year Old Mummified Human Tissue
58 Kyoung-Jin Shin Population Studies on the Six Human Y-Specific STR Loci in Koreans Using Single Multiplex System
59 Kerri Dugan Evaluation of the AluQuant™ Human Genomic DNA Quantitation System
60 David Carlson Rapid Purification of Mitochondrial DNA from Hair
61 Yasser Daoudi Evaluation of AmpFlSTR® PCR Amplification Kits for use with the ABI PRISM® 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzer
62 Jennifer Eyster Use of Magnetic Beads in the Automation of Sequence Extension Product Purification
63 Melinda Matte A Comprehensive and Efficient Training Program for Forensic Biologists
64 Roger Frappier Addressing the Significance of a Crime Scene DNA Profile When the Identity of the Donor is Not an Issue
65 Al Marignani Validation of the ABI Prism® 3100 Genetic Analyzer Capillary Electrophoresis System for Implementation in Forensic Casework
66 Rebecca Hamm Multiplex Real Time Fluorogenic SNP Assays for Increasing Discrimination of mtDNA Testing
67 Veronica Kearney A Study of 26 Y-STRs for Discrimination Among U.S. Populations
68 Dale Hedges An Alu Base Test for Human Gender Determination
69 Pauline Callinan Comprehensive Analysis of Alu Associated Diversity on the Human Sex Chromosomes
70 Jeremy Myers Line-1 PRETa Elements in the Human Genome
71 Jinchuan Xing Comprehensive Analysis of Two Alu Yd Subfamilies
72 Natsuko Mizuno Penta E variant alleles observed in the Japanese population
73 Martin Buoncristiani Assessment of DNA Retention on Plastic Surfaces of Commercially Available Microcentrifuge Tubes
74 Martin Buoncristiani A Comparison of Protocols for the Automated Extraction of DNA from Reference Buccal Samples
75 Martin Buoncristiani Precision and Ambient Temperature Effects on the ABI Prism® 3100 Genetic Analyzer
76 Martin Buoncristiani Evaluation of the Epicenter Quick-Extract™ DNA Extraction Solution for DNA Extraction from Buccal, Blood and Sexual Assault Swabs
77 Martin Smith FTA® Technology – New Advances for the Collection, Shipment, Archiving and Processing of Biological Samples for Human Identification
78 T. Caragine Optimization of Automated DNA Extraction from Compromised Tissues with DNA IQ™ 
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