12th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Al Agellon A Population Study With Novel And Common Y-Chromosome STRs
2 Jack Ballantyne Simplified Typing Of The Y-Chromosome Minisatellite Msy 1
3 Walter Bar Swiss Federal DNA Profile Information System-EDNA
4 Robert Bever Mitochondrial DNA Typing from Processed Fingerprints
5 Charles Brenner Matching Odds for Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosome Haplotypes
6 Ed Buse Performance Evaluation of the AmpflSTR Profiler Plus and COfiler Typing Kits Using an ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer
7 John Butler Prototype Y-Chromosome Standard (NIST SRM 2395)
8 John Butler STR Typing Using the 16-Capillary ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer
9 Nasir Butt Validation of PowerPlex™16 System for the STR analysis on ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer
10 David Carlson Interlaboratory Studies On Multiplexed Mt DNA HV And Y Chromosome SNP Typing Using An Automated Liquid Bead Array System
11 Meihua Chu Analysis Of PowerPlex® 16 Bio Using The Miraibio, Inc. Hitachi Genetic Systems FMBIO® II And IIE
12 Matthew Cimino Molecular Analysis Of Botanical Trace Evidence
13 Kerri Dugan Improvements In Bone Extraction For MtDNA Analysis
14 Arthur Eisenberg FTA® Technology, Unique Formats For The Collection, Shipment, Archiving And Processing Of Biological Samples
15 Andrew R Greenfield Guidelines For Recording, Interpreting And Reporting Complex STR Mixtures
16 Ashley Hall Robust Multiplex Amplification Of 18 Y-Chromosome STR Loci
17 Diane Hancock Development And Use Of Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) To Detect Low-Frequency Heteroplasmic Polymorphisms In Human Mitochondrial DNA
18 Douglas Hares An Improved Method For Post-PCR Purification For Mtdna Sequence Analysis
19 Seung Hyun Kim Paternity Test In The Absence Of Paternal DNA With Short Tandem Repeats On The X-Chromosome
20 Yukio Itakura Validation Experiment Report On DNA-ID For Personal Identification
21 Shewale Jaiprakash DNA Profiling Of Aspermic Semen Samples From Vasectomized Males By Using Y-Plex 6 Amplification Kit
22 Richard Jobin Identification Of Cervid And Bear Species With Double Immuno-Diffusion And Isoelectric Focusing
23 Richard Jobin Assessment Of DNA Extraction Methods For Forensic Wildlife Applications
24 Kentaro Kasai Evaluation Of DNA Extraction Methods From Human Bone Samples For Mitochondrial DNA And STR Analysis
25 Melba Ketchum Forensics And Animal Genetics: An Emerging Science
26 Christine Keyser French Allele Frequencies And Haplotypes Of Eight Y-Specific STR
27 Margaret Kline Preliminary Results From The 2001 NIST Mixed-Stain Study #3: DNA Quantitation And Identification Of Minor Contributor(s)
28 Margaret Kline How To Make NIST Traceable Materials
29 Kevin Knapp DNA Profile Obtained From Burned Victim Of Homicide/Sexual Assault
30 Ruel John Landrito Allele Frequency Distribution Using Nine Polymorphic STR Loci In A Filipino Population: Application In Paternity Testing
31 Leo Lavergne The Adventure Of Translating An RFLP Database Into CODIS STR Format: Strategy, Organization, Cost, Internal Validation And New Matches
32 Craig Leibelt Identification Of A D8S1179 Primer Binding Site Mutation And The Addition Of A Primer Designed To Recover Null Alleles
33 Barbara Levin Mitoanalyzer - A New NIST Human Mitochondrial DNA Interactive Web Site
34 Yacheng Liu The Role Of DNA Analysis On Crime Investigation
35 Richard Livett Application Of Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Megabace 1000 Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument For STR Detection As Part Of Human Forensics Genotyping
36 Jose Lorente GITAD Validation Of The Powerplex® 16: Population Data From Five Latin American Countries And Spain
37 Liane Martin STR-Typing Of Nuclear DNA From Human Fecal Matter Using The Qiagen Qiaamp® Stool Mini Kit
38 Delia Sheree Moss The Utilization Of Forensic Case Date As A Source Of Multi-Dimensional Intelligence
39 Toshio Nagashima Graphical User Interface In Human Identification Under Hardy Weinbery Assumption
40 David Nielsen Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms That Impact The Reliability Of Multiplex STR Systems For CODIS Profiling
41 Claire Norton Use Of PSA Semiquant For The Identification Of Seminal Fluid
42 Maristela Ocampos Genetic Variation For 13 STR Loci In The State Of Santa Catarina - Brazil
43 Olivier Pascal STR Frequencies And Mitochondrial DNA From A North Africa Population
44 Gina Pineda Enhanced PCR: An Approach For Mitochondrial DNA Analysis Of Amplified DNA Samples From Forensic Casework
45 Eric Pokorak Comparison Of Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing Instruments For Use By The FBI's National Missing Persons DNA Database Program
46 Janette Redman Recovery Of DNA From Aged-Bloodstains On Un-Treated Papers
47 Rebecca Reynolds SNP Genotyping Of Forensic Samples Using Megaplex PCR Amplification And Linear Probe Arrays
48 Melanie Richard Development Of A Real-Time Quantitative PCR Assay For Detecting Human DNA
49 Kristy Richie Improvement Of The NIST Human Mitochondrial DNA Standard Reference Material 2392 By The Addition Of DNA From The HL60 Cell Line
50 George Riley High Success Rate In High-Throughput Testing Of Non-Suspect Casework Samples
51 George Rodrigues Effect Of Pipette Performance On The Integrity Of DNA Analysis Results
52 Reena Roy Y-Chromosome Specific Strs Analysis Using Y-Plex6 Amplification Kit
53 John Ryan STR Analysis Of CODIS Samples On A Variety Of Physical Substrates In A High Throughput Environment
54 M. Al Salih Disease-Associated Trisomy As A Complicating Factor In Forensic And Paternity DNA Analysis
55 James Schumm A Rapid Semi-Automated Method For Human Specific DNA Quantification
56 Eric Schurdak Applied Biosystems Identifiler™ Multiplex STR Kit's Accuracy And Reliability As Compared To Extensive RFLP Methods In Paternity Testing: A Case Study
57 Noelle Dimo-Simonin Evaluation Of A Forensic STR-Multiplex System With Paraffin-Embedded Tissues
58 Sudhir Sinha Validation, Database And Casework Applications Of Y-Plex6, A Multiplexed Y-Chromosome STR Genotyping System
59 Helmuth Sippel Identification Of Human Skeleton Remains By STR-Multiplex Analysis
60 Mohammad Tahir Y-STR Haplotype Distribution In Turkey
61 Michael Talledo When Rflp And Str Analysis Work Together
62 Allan Tereba Integration Of DNA Purification, Quantitation And STR Analysis
63 Kathryn Troyer A Nine STR Locus Match Between Two Apparently Unrelated Individuals Using Ampflstr® Profiler Plus™ And Cofiler™
64 Peter Vallone Genotyping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Located On The Y Chromosome And In The Mitochondrial Genome
65 David Van Hoofstat Isolation Of Specific Cells From Forensic Samples For Human DNA Typing
66 Daniel Vanek AluQuant™ Human DNA Quantitation System In The Fluoroscan Ascent FL luminometer
67 Daniel Vanek Studies Of Applications For PowerPlex® 16 By The Eastern European STR Working Group
68 Daniel Vanek KingFisher Genomic DNA Purification Protocol
69 Daniel Vanek GenePrint® PowerPlex™ 16 Thermal Cycling Protocol For The Hybaid MultiBlock System
70 Russell Vossbrink STR Population Data For Arizona Navajo And Apache Populations Using The AmpFlSTR® Identifiler™ PCR Amplification Kit
71 Tsewei Wang Mixture STR/DNA Interpretation Using Allele Peak Area Information With The Least Square Methodology
72 Jonathan Whitaker Low Copy Number (LCN) STR Typing: Merits And Applications
73 Diana Williams Analysis Of Forensic Samples Using Linear Arrays Of Immobilized Sequence-Specific Oligonucleotide Probes And MtDNA Sequencing
74 Wook Kim Y-Chromosome Multiplexes And Their Potential For The DNA Profiling Of Koreans
75 Juan Yunis Population Data On FGA, vWA, TPOX, THO1, Penta E, D18S51, D21S11, D3S1358, D8S1179 And D16S539, D7S820, D13S317, D5S818 In A Sample Of Caucasian-Mestizos From Colombia
76 Juan Yunis Population Data On D7S820, FGA, D1S533 And D9S304 In A Sample Of Caucasian-Mestizos From Colombia
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