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ProFection® Mammalian Transfection System

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Calcium Phosphate-Mediated Transfection Method

  • Sufficient reagents for 40 high-efficiency transfections of cells plated in 100mm tissue culture dishes
  • High-efficiency stable or transient transfection of eukaryotic cells


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ProFection® Mammalian Transfection System
40 reactions
$ 220.00
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The introduction of DNA into mammalian cells is facilitated by the Calcium Phosphate-mediated ProFection® Mammalian Transfection System. Calcium phosphate transfection is an effective method for the production of long-term stable transfectants. This method also works well for transient expression of transfected genes and can be used with most adherent cell lines.


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Item Part # Size Concentration

Calcium Chloride

E109A 1 × 3ml 2M

HEPES 2X Buffered Saline

E110A 1 × 25ml

Nuclease-Free Water

E111A 1 × 20ml

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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