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β-Galactosidase Enzyme Assay System with Reporter Lysis Buffer

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Colorimetric Detection of β-Gal Activity

  • Safe, non-isotopic assay
  • Can be used in 96-well plate format
  • Reporter Lysis Buffer allows luciferase, CAT and β-gal assays to be performed from the same cell extract


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β-Galactosidase Enzyme Assay System with Reporter Lysis Buffer
$ 190.00
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Simple Detection of β-Gal Activity in Bacterial and Mammalian Cell Lysates

The β-Galactosidase Enzyme Assay System with Reporter Lysis Buffer is a convenient method for assaying β-galactosidase activity in lysates prepared from cells transfected with β-galactosidase reporter vectors such as the pSV-β-Galactosidase Control Vector.

The standard assay is performed by adding a dilute sample to an equal volume of Assay 2X Buffer that contains the substrate ONPG (o-nitrophenyl-β-d-galactopyranoside). Samples are incubated for at least 30 minutes, during which time the β-Galactosidase hydrolyzes the colorless substrate to o-nitrophenyl, which is yellow. The reaction can be terminated by addition of sodium carbonate, and the absorbance at 420nm is measured by spectrophotometry.

Cat.# E2000 contains sufficient reagents for 65 standard assays or 200 assays in a 96-well plate format.

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Sodium Carbonate

E202A 1 × 35ml 1M

Assay 2X Buffer

E203A 1 × 10ml

Reporter Lysis 5X Buffer

E397A 1 × 30ml View Product


E801A 1 × 100u

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