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Luciferase Reporter Vectors and Cell Lines

We offer a variety of engineered cell lines and pre-built reporter vectors for analysis of specific biological pathways. Examples include luciferase reporter vectors for analysis of cytokine modulators and toxicity pathways, including heat-shock, hypoxia and DNA damage. Additional vector options for creating NanoLuc® fusion proteins are also available.

NanoLuc®, Firefly or Renilla luciferase reporter constructs including response elements for many signaling pathways are available. Simply mark those of interest to you, submit the form and we will contact you with pricing and delivery timelines.

Note that some materials vary in the selectable marker (e.g., Hygro vs. Puro) or the luc gene portion by a unique PEST sequence (e.g., luc2P vs. luc2CP). Please ensure that you select the desired construct.

Tailored R&D Solutions

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the lists above or in our catalog listing, please contact Custom Assay Services to discuss your needs further. Custom Assay Services offered by Promega include:

  • Cell Engineering: Target expression.
  • Assay Development and Qualification: Target class expertise and multiple assay formats.
  • Assay-Ready Cells In-Scale: Functionally tested.