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Maxwell® 16 Flexi Method Firmware

Modify or Create Automated Methods for Your Maxwell® 16 Instrument

  • Optimize performance for your sample type and assay
  • Control key operating parameters
  • Simple interface makes programming easy


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Maxwell® 16 Flexi Method Firmware
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Certain sample types present unique challenges for DNA, RNA or recombinant protein extraction. The Maxwell® 16 Flexi Method Firmware provides the flexibility and control to modify or create automated methods for the Maxwell® 16 Instrument. You have the ability to optimize multiple instrument parameters to tailor instrument operation to your unique needs. It's Personal Automation™ just the way you want it. The Maxwell® 16 Flexi Method Firmware allows users to change 5 key instrument operating parameters:

  • Lysis time
  • Binding
  • Drying
  • Elution
  • Paramagnetic particle capture

You program the Maxwell® 16 Instrument by following on-screen prompts and entering changes through the instrument keypad; no external PC or programming knowledge is required. User-defined optimized methods are as easy to use as pushing the Start button. The Flexi Method Firmware also allows you to save and password-protect your unique methods. Make and save changes as you define the key instrument operating parameters that impact your successful results.

The Flexi Method Firmware can be installed on existing AS1000 and AS2000 Maxwell® 16 Instruments by purchasing the AS6411 CD-ROM, which contains the Firmware, installation software and Technical Manual. Flexi Method Firmware ordered with the purchase of a new AS2000 Instrument will be installed at the factory.


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