Privacy Rights Request Form.

Residents in certain jurisdictions have rights concerning their personal information, as outlined in our privacy policy.

To make a rights request, please complete the form below. The information provided here will only be used to respond to your request. If you indicate that your state of residence is a state other than noted in our privacy policy, your request may not be completed. In some cases, we might need additional information to verify your request and will contact you at the email listed below if necessary.

MS-2021-CCPA-Form-California Consumer Privacy Act
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Request information about how we collect, use, sell and share categories of personal information about you
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Additional Requirements for Authorized Agents

If you are making this request as an authorized agent, please email either (1) a written and signed authorization from the individual indicating you have authority to submit this request, or (2) a power of attorney from the individual that is the subject of this request. Send emails to

As required by law, we will contact you to confirm your identity and may ask you to provide additional documentation. Please monitor your inbox for a follow-up email from We may deny requests from agents that do not submit sufficient proof of their authority to make rights requests. Furthermore, we may require the subject of this privacy request to verify their own identities or confirm that their agents have permission to submit rights requests on their behalf. Requests may be denied if they cannot be verified or confirmed.