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Switch to ProNex® Size Selection in NGS library preparation for consistent, reproducible sequencing results.

When every step counts, switch to ProNex® Size Selection.

Common NGS Sample Prep Challenges

  • Limited starting sample quantity
  • Low DNA recovery
  • Pipetting inaccuracy/bead clumping
  • Trouble eluting DNA

ProNex® Solutions

  • Superior DNA recovery during library prep
  • More purified DNA in the desired size range
  • Accurate pipetting, faster bead magnet response
  • Easier elution, tolerance to over-drying

When Your Sample is Precious, ProNex® Makes Sense

ProNex® Size Selective Purification System tightens control over size selection and maximizes DNA recovery in your NGS library prep. ProNex® beads superior handling due to its low viscosity and high magnetic response formulation make it easier to pipet and minimizes sample loss. Confidently and efficiently perform your NGS library prep by switching to ProNex®.

It’s Easy to Switch to ProNex®

Both the post-ligation clean-up and library size selection steps of an NGS library prep workflow remain the same, whether using AMPure® or ProNex®. Learn how to substitute ProNex® into your library prep protocol.

Download AmpliSeq® for Illumina ProtocolDownload Ion AmpliSeq® Protocol

Have More Confidence in Your Sequencing Results

Visit the product page to learn more about ProNex® and see example data demonstrating consistent performance.

Request a consult to inquire about substituting ProNex® into your NGS library prep workflow.