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Promega Sweden: Local Sales Support

Tel: +46 8 452 2450 
Fax: +46 8 452 2455


Välkommen! | welcome!

Promega Biotech sells and supports it products directly to the following counties: Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard and Sweden. 

Promega Biotech AB
Finnboda Varvsväg 16
131 72 NACKA

Company number: 5567177893
VAT: SE556717789301 


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Your Promega team in Sweden:


Mikael Arnfelt

Sales Manager Sweden - Norway
Sales Territory: South-Sweden / Norway

+46 705 65 65 79


Niko Jokilaakso

Sales Manager Sweden-Finland;
Sales Territory: Mid-North Sweden / Finland

+46 70 318 21 56


Promega products are also available through:


Nordic Biolabs 

Promega distributor
in Denmark and Sweden

+46 8 630 85 10