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Custom Amplification Reagents

You depend on consistent results delivered on time. Customized manufacture of amplification buffers, enzymes, and master mixes requires innovation and flexibility to meet rigorous performance criteria specific to your application. Partnership with Promega to manufacture your custom amplification products means you have found a supplier with the experience and resources to bring your ideas to life.

Contact us today, and one of our scientists will be in touch to discuss your needs, challenges and serve as your champion in finding a custom amplification solution.

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Why choose Promega as your supplier for custom manufactured amplification components?



Custom Amplification Reagents

Learn more about customizing amplification reagents to fit your requirements.

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Custom Master Mixes

Learn more about custom PCR master mixes that offer
consistent, reliable results.

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Primary Manufacturer

Eliminate uncertainty in your supply chain when you partner with us. As the primary manufacturer of amplification reagents you collaborate with the scientists who have designed, manufactured and tested the products that are delivered to you.


Custom Formulations and Formats

You can modify the size, format, or formulation of any existing catalog product to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for polymerases, reverse transcriptases, RNase inhibitors, dNTPs, Master Mixes or other amplification components, we can deliver.


Assay Optimization

Not all amplification assays are the same. Tap into our deep experience in developing reliable PCR/RT-PCR assays with the PCR Optimization Kit.


Quality and Consistency

Custom amplification products are manufactured under a rigorous quality system that meets ISO standards 9001 and 13485 with select products manufactured under cGMP. You have options for custom QC to test to your individual specifications.

PCR Assay Optimization Resources & Training