Clinical and Molecular Diagnostics

Tap into a primary manufacturer of molecular technologies without having to build it yourself. Partner with Promega, and our team will work with you to adapt our technologies and products to suit your specific needs. Modify product formulations and packaging to your specifications, all under quality systems that help ensure consistent performance and on-time delivery.

Our rapid response manufacturing supports companies developing COVID-19 testing.

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Featured Content: Custom Solutions for Clinical Diagnostics eBook

Looking for a quick technique refresher or a way to support your mentee? Our Custom Solutions for Clinical Diagnostics eBook is packed with helpful tips, tricks, and guidance designed to address your sample preparation, amplification, and analysis challenges in the lab.

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cGMP Manufacturing

With over 40-years of experience in manufacturing life science reagents, Promega has implemented capabilities to manufacture those reagents under cGMP for clinical and molecular diagnostic applications. Choose ready-to-use cGMP manufactured products or consult with a Promega team experienced in customizing our products specific to your rigorous quality requirements.

Contact us today, and one of our scientists will be in touch to discuss your needs, challenges and serve as your champion in finding a custom solution.

cGMP manufacturing