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Decreasing Carbon Emissions With Renewable Energy

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Reducing Emissions with Renewable Energy and Efficiency Gains

Renewable energy helps us limit the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations while providing reliable and cost-effective energy sources. In the last year, we installed our three largest solar arrays at our Madison campus on the Feynman Parking Garage, Feynman Center and our new Kornberg Center. These systems total over 1,300 kW and will generate over 2 million kWh annually.


In addition, Promega joined a new clean energy initiative with Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) on a 160-acre solar array in Fitchburg, WI. This 20-megawatt (MW) solar array is the largest solar project in Dane County. Promega will purchase 2 MW to supply more than 12% of current annual electrical consumption. O’Brien Solar Fields allow Promega to source over 20% of our current energy needs from renewable sources.

Our new facilities in Waldorf, Germany and Southampton, United Kingdom also use renewable energy and are designed for energy efficiency. Both facilities use ground source heat pumps and incorporate solar arrays to generate electricity on-site. Additional Promega facilities that generate renewable electricity include:

  • Promega Italia in Milan
  • Promega Biotech Ibérica in Alcobendas, Spain
  • Promega Biotech AB in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Promega AG in Switzerland
  • Promega Brazil in Sao Paulo
  • The Aviation Operations building in Madison, WI
  • The da Vinci facility in Madison, WI

Even with significant increases to production and factoring in the energy used by employees working remotely, gross electricity usage increased by just 2% in the last year. As indexed to revenue we saw a 38% reduction in electricity used in 2020. Electricity usage contributes to roughly 50% of our carbon emissions and minimizing these effects remains a focus at all Promega locations. Recent investments to maximize energy efficiency range from retrofits for LED lighting to a new central utility plant that reduces energy needed for chilled water on our Madison, WI campus.

Natural gas usage as indexed to revenue decreased by 36% in the last year. Natural gas is our largest source of direct air emissions and our third largest source of overall emissions. Natural gas is used primarily at manufacturing sites for heating and production-related processes. Ground source heat pumps, solar water heaters and heat recovery technology help minimize heating requirements and related emissions.