Early Access Bioassays Inquiry Form

The Fc effector, immune checkpoint, cytokine and growth factor assays listed below are available for sale by quote. Simply mark the assays of interest, submit the form, and we will contact you with pricing and delivery timelines.

MS-2018-Custom Functional Bioassays Form- 48649961
Fc Effector Bioassays
ADCC Reporter Bioassay (CD38-KO)
ADCP Reporter Bioassay (THP-1)
FcγRI ADCP Reporter Bioassay
FcγRIIa-R ADCP Reporter Bioassay
FcγRIIb Reporter Bioassay
Human FcγR Bioassay Bundle
mFcγRIII ADCC Reporter Bioassay
Membrane RANKL Target Cells
Membrane TNFα Target Cells
Membrane VEGF Target Cells
Immune Checkpoint Bioassays: Co-Inhibitory Targets
BTLA/HVEM Blockade Bioassay
CD28 Blockade Bioassay
CD112 Blockade Bioassay
CD226/CD155 Blockade Bioassay
ICOS Blockade Bioassay
Mouse PD-1/PD-L1 Blockade Bioassay
PD-1/PD-L2 Blockade Bioassay
SIRPα/CD47 Blockade Bioassay
Immune Checkpoint Bioassays: Co-Stimulatory Targets
CD27 Bioassay
CD28 Bioassay
DR3 Bioassay
FcγRIIb aAPC/CHO-K1 Cells
ICOS Bioassay
Combination Bioassays
PD-1+4-1BB Combination Bioassay
PD-1+LAG-3 Combination Bioassay
Cytokines and Growth Factor Assays
BCMA Bioassay
EGF Reporter Cell Line
EPO Reporter Cell Line
G-CSF Reporter Cell Line
GM-CSF Reporter Cell Line
IFNα/IFNβ Reporter Cell Line
IFNγ Reporter Cell Line
IL-1 Bioassay
IL-4 Bioassay
IL-7 Bioassay
IL-10 Bioassay
IL-13 Bioassay
IL-17 Bioassay
IL-22 Bioassay
TGF-β Bioassay
TNFα Reporter Cells
TPO Bioassay
Innate Immune Receptor Bioassays
TLR Bioassay
T Cell Activation Bioassays
T Cell Activation Bioassay (TCRαβ-KO, CD8+)
T Cell Activation Bioassay (TCRαβ-KO, CD4+)
T Cell Activation Bioassay (TCRαβ-KO, CD4+, CD8+)
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