Promega Summer Art Showcase 2023 Presents “Threads of Joy”

Exhibition examines the human condition through glass and fiber

Madison, WI USA. (May 23, 2023)

Glass and fiber will take center stage at the opening of the Promega Summer Art Showcase June 13 at the Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center in Fitchburg, WI. “Threads of Joy” explores a vast range of human experiences and emotions through works by artists Jim Smoote II, Steve Feren and Jarka Sobiskova.

The exhibit features embroidery, wool felting, quilting, cast glass sculptures and fused glasswork to examine the manner through which artists harness their creativity to convey cultures and customs, struggles and joys, and other facets of daily life. The unique combination of materials, as well as the colors and design employed, are intended to inspire empathy and dialog, as well as conversations addressing complex issues connected to survival, interpersonal relationships, family traditions, social change and connection. Visitors will discover a broad perspective of how art flows through human experience.

“Threads of Joy” Artists

  • Jim Smoot II
    Through painting and traditional quilting techniques, this Chicago artist explores the beauty of portraiture and Black representation. Smoot combines humor with contemporary urban and pop culture references to create provocative commentaries.

  • Steve Feren
    A series of cast glass and painted sculptures inspired by the Mexican tradition of Foto Esculturas (Photo Sculptures) pay tribute to the birds of the world lost due to climate change. Feren’s work reflects his interest in coming to terms with issues like love, family, history, cause and effect and connection to the natural world.

  • Jarka Sobiskova
    Based in Madison, WI Sobiskova is a multimedia artist specializing in painting, fiber arts and ceramics. She experienced a devastating fire in March 2023 that destroyed her studio and will be exhibiting some paintings that were not located in the studio, as well as a new collection of wool felting work.

Symposium and Opening Reception
“Threads of Joy” opens Tuesday, June 13 at the Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, 5445 E Cheryl Parkway in Fitchburg, WI. Exhibiting artists will speak at a symposium at 3:30 pm followed by a 4:30 -6:30 pm reception with musical entertainment by Joel Adams Quartet. The event is free and open to the public. “Threads of Joy” runs through September 8 and is open to the public Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Promega Biopharmaceutical Technology Center.

Promega Art Showcase
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About the Promega Art Showcase
Promega Corporation has sponsored the Promega Art Showcase since 1996 as part of the company's commitment to creativity and innovation in the arts, culture and sciences. The Biopharmaceutical Technology Center, located on 5445 East Cheryl Parkway was developed in part to provide Promega employees and community members a place to pursue these objectives. Learn more about the Promega Art Showcase here, Promega Corporation here and the company’s larger corporate responsibility story here.