Promega to Award $15,000 Grants to Researchers Using qPCR

Scientists to receive technical support, personalized training

Madison, WI USA. (April 3, 2023)

Early-career researchers working with real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) can advance their project through a grant offered by Promega Corporation. The 2023 qPCR Grant will award $15,000 (or local currency equivalent) in free Promega products to three academic life scientists incorporating the technique into their research. Applications will be accepted from April 3—May 5, 2023, with the recipients announced in June 2023.

“This grant will help the recipients leverage one of the most powerful techniques in molecular biology research,” says Promega Product Marketing Manager Gabriela Saldanha. “We’re excited to connect with students and young researchers around the world to support the myriad ways qPCR can fit into their projects.”

  • Who is eligible: Any research science or student enrolled in a life science undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral program worldwide.
  • Grant includes: $15,000 (or local currency equivalent) of Promega products, VIP technical support, access to personalized training. Winners will also work with Promega over the coming year to share their story and research successes through a variety of content formats including scientific posters, webinars and blog posts.
  • How to apply: Applications are available at Applicants will be asked to share how real-time qPCR fits into their project.
  • Important dates: Applications will be accepted April 3—May 5, 2023. Winners will be announced in June 2023.

qPCR is a method for detecting and quantifying a specific sequence of nucleic acid in a sample. An extremely versatile method, one of its most common applications is determining the level of expression of a target gene under specific conditions. During the assay, fragments of DNA or RNA are amplified in cycles and detected in real time. Promega has long developed and manufactured reagents to support the technique in a variety of formats.

Promega last offered the qPCR Grant in 2019. Past winners used Promega qPCR reagents to study circadian rhythms in Antarctic krill and viruses affecting bananas grown in the Philippines. The grant was acknowledged in two publications in Scientific Reports.

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