2022 International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) Keynote DeNeen L. Brown Outlines Search for Victims of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

Largest annual global DNA forensics meeting convenes October 31 – November 3 in Washington D.C.

Madison, WI USA. (August 9, 2022)

More than 1000 forensic DNA experts and law enforcement professionals from around the world will gather at the International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) October 31 – November 3 in Washington D.C. Keynote speaker DeNeen L. Brown, a reporter at The Washington Post, will discuss the Red Summer of 1919, when a reign of racist massacres swept more than 25 US cities, and the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Brown's reporting prompted the City of Tulsa to reopen an investigation into the search for mass graves of Black people killed during the massacre. In 2020, scientists discovered a mass grave in the city's public cemetery.

“These pieces of history are so tragic and horrible, and they impacted real, live people,” Brown says. “It is my hope that the forensic scientists in the audience are able to connect with these missing pieces of history…and then leave that place inspired to do the work, to pursue justice, to connect the dots in history.”

WHAT: ISHI is a forum for sharing emerging technologies, changing policies and advances in forensic DNA science. Promega Corporation, a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry, including products for DNA-based human identification, has sponsored ISHI for 33 years.

In addition to the keynote, ISHI33 will cover:

  • Use of rapid DNA to identify victims from the Surfside Condominium collapse
  • How the Innocence Project is bringing justice to the wrongfully convicted
  • Victim identification in the field from the conflict in Ukraine
  • Best practices and application of forensic genetic genealogy
  • The DNA Justice Project, preventing sexual assaults by clearing DNA backlogs
  • Project Prism, identifying Toronto’s missing men

WHEN: October 31 - November 3, 2022

WHERE: Washington D.C; Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

WHO: ISHI attracts forensic experts representing 40+ countries and a variety of professions including criminalists, research scientists, lab directors, CODIS analysts and forensic scientists to discuss the latest advances in forensic DNA analysis. Media are invited to attend and must pre-register.

WEB: Visit www.ishinews.com for agenda, registration and updates.

About Promega Corporation

This symposium for forensic experts and suppliers is offered through Promega Corporation, a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry, including products for DNA-based human identification. The company’s portfolio of over 4,000 products support a range of life science work across areas such as cell biology; DNA, RNA and protein analysis; drug development; human identification and molecular diagnostics. For over 40 years these tools and technologies have grown in their application and are used today by scientists and technicians in labs for academic and government research, forensics, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics and agricultural and environmental testing. Promega is headquartered in Madison, WI, USA with branches in 16 countries and over 50 global distributors. For more information, visit www.promega.com and connect with Promega on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and the Promega Connections blog.


Visit the ISHI website for agenda, registration and updates.

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