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About Promega Italy

Founded in 1998 as the Italian branch of Promega Corporation, we are a leader in the sale and distribution of reagents, kits, instruments and in general products for scientific and molecular research. Our portfolio of more than 3,500 products helps scientific researchers advance their studies in the fields of genomics, translational research, proteomics, cell analysis, drug discovery, agri-food and veterinary research and human identification.

Working with Promega Italia

At Promega Italia, we promote a dynamic, agile and people-oriented working environment. "Work-life balance" is important to us, and we favor flexible working approaches that meet the needs of each team member. In our team, collaboration and listening are key and we work to foster an open and constructive environment where each team member is aware of their colleagues’ needs. Our constant attention to innovation and technology, combined with our experience in the life sciences, allows us to provide our customers and partners with structured and cutting-edge solutions.

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