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Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System

Wizard MagneSil Tfx System 4 x 96 preps
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Transfection-Quality Plasmid DNA in 96-Well Format

  • Improved transfection and protein expression results
  • Automated methods available


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Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System
4 × 96 preps
$ 876.00
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Ready-to-Go Kit, Expert Support Available 


The Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System is compatible with automation on all major platforms, including Hamilton Star/Nimbus, Tecan Freedom Evo/Fluent, Biomek i5/i7, Eppendorf epMotion, and particle movers such as KingFisher.

When you purchase a Promega extraction solution, you gain free access to our elite Field Support Scientists, method development services, and technical support. Contact us if you need help setting up the Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System on your robot.

With decades of experience in building personalized automation solutions, we can help you customize the scale, application, and chemistry, regardless of platform, exactly to your needs—the only limit is your imagination.


Transfection-Grade Plasmid at Any Scale

The Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System provides a simple, rapid method for isolating transfection-quality plasmid DNA in a 96-well, high-throughput format. The use of paramagnetic particles for lysate clearing as well as DNA capture circumvents the need for centrifugation or vacuum manifolds, allowing DNA purification to be completely automated.

Automated Plasmid Extraction: Example Data


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Item Part # Size Available Separately

MagneSil® RED

A164A 1 × 30ml View Product

Endotoxin Removal Resin

A219D 1 × 19ml View Product

MagneSil® BLUE

A220D 1 × 38ml View Product

4/40 Wash Solution

A222D 1 × 38ml View Product

Cell Resuspension Solution (CRA)

A7112 1 × 150ml

Cell Lysis Solution (CLA)

A7122 1 × 150ml

Neutralization Solution (NSA)

A7131 1 × 150ml

Nuclease-Free Water

P119C 2 × 25ml View Product

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Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,284,470 and 7,078,224 and other patents and patents pending.

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