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MagneSil® Genomic, Fixed Tissue System Technical Bulletin

  • Instructions for Use of Product(s)
  • MD1490

Literature # TB319

The MagneSil® Genomic, Fixed Tissue System is designed to purify DNA from many formalin-fixed samples following an overnight Proteinase K digestion. Fragments up to 1.8kb in size have been successfully amplified from DNA purified with this system. One advantage this system has over other purification methods, such as phenol-chloroform extractions, is its ability to remove most amplification inhibitors, including very small fragments of DNA.
The MagneSil® Genomic, Fixed Tissue System was developed for use with small amounts of tissue such as those found in thin sections. To help eliminate inhibitors, a small amount of DNA-binding paramagnetic resin is used, and as a result the DNA-binding capacity of the system is limited to a few hundred nanograms. Use of a large amount of tissue will result in low recovery as well as poor-quality DNA when compared to other purification methods. Tissue that has been stored in formalin for extended periods of time may be too cross-linked or too degraded to perform as template for amplification.

Printed in USA. Revised 12/10.


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