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QuantiFluor® RNA System

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Highly sensitive, easy to use, fluorescent dye for RNA Quantitation

QuantiFluor® RNA System


The QuantiFluor® RNA System contains a fluorescent RNA-binding dye that enables sensitive quantitation of small amounts of RNA in solution. Detecting and quantitating small amounts of RNA is very important step that is used in many biological applications, particularly in molecular biology techniques. These include measuring yields of in vitro transcribed RNA and measuring RNA concentrations before performing Northern blot analysis, S1 nuclease assays, RNase protection assays, cDNA library preparation, reverse transcription PCR, and differential display PC.


Significantly increased sensitivity over absorbance at 260nm (NanoDrop) for those samples that are low in concentration.


Other methods require much more RNA (~1 µg) to accurately quantitate RNA, compared to QuantiFluor® RNA Dye (only 100 pg). Save more of your precious sample for downstream assays.


System includes all the necessary reagents to quickly set up and quantitate RNA.

Offers an integrated solution with instrument pairing. Sets up easily on microplate or single tube fluorometers from Promega.


Cat #E6105 Quantus™ Fluorometer
Using Blue Channel (Ex 460 nm, Em 515 - 575 nm)

Cat #E6070 or #E6080 GloMax®-Multi Jr
With Cat #E6071 Fluorescence Optical Kit - BLUE (Ex 460 nm, Em 515 - 570 nm)

Cat #E8032 or #E9032 GloMax®-Multi+
With Cat #E8051 Fluorescence Module and Fluorescence Optical Kit - BLUE (Ex 490, Em 510 - 570 nm)

Cat #E6090 QuantiFluor®-ST UV/Blue Channel (discontinued)
Using Blue Channel (Ex 460 nm, Em 515 - 575 nm)

Cat #E6105 QuantiFluor®-P (discontinued)
Using Blue Channel (Ex 460 nm, Em 515 - 575 nm)

Quantus™ Fluorometer


Figure 1. Standard curves using the QuantiFluor® RNA Dye and a competitor dye. The standard curves were generated using RNA Standard in a 96-well format and 200µl total volume as described in Section 5 of the Technical Manual. The standard curve RNA amounts are 2ng, 10ng, 20ng, 50ng, 100ng, 200ng and 500ng per well. Fluorescence was measured using the GloMax®-Multi+ Detection System. The fluorescence values shown were blank-subtracted. Under these conditions, the dynamic range for the QuantiFluor® RNA Dye is approximately 2–500ng per well (in 200µl total volume), and the QuantiFluor® RNA Dye limit of detection is approximately 100pg per well.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. QuantiFluor is a trademark of Promega Corporation. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

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