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Vectors Resources

Promega Vectors Index

Browse through the categories below to find the right vector for your needs. The product details (catalog) page for each vector provides ordering information, GenBank® links, maps and protocols.

Vectors Categories

Bacterial Expression Vectors Vectors designed for expression of proteins in E. coli from the T7 RNA Polymerase promoter, with or without the addition of purification tags.

Cell-Free Expression Vectors Vectors designed for use with Promega cell-free expression systems, including E.coli, rabbit reticulocyte lysate, wheat germ extract, and insect cell extract-based systems.

Mammalian Expression Vectors Includes the multi-purpose Flexi® Vectors, the pCMVTNT™ Vector, the pTargeT™ T-Vector, and systems for regulated mammalian expression.

Reporter Vectors Reporter vectors for promoter analysis, nuclear receptor studies, protein interaction analysis and signaling pathway studies.

RNAi Vectors Vectors for expressing shRNAs in vivo, and measuring the RNAi effect.

Subcloning and Transcription Vectors Routine, and not so routine, vectors for your everyday subcloning needs. Blue/white screening, various RNA polymerase promoters, and a range of choices for insert subcloning and recombinant selection.

T Vectors Vectors designed for cloning PCR products and for expression of cloned PCR products in mammalian cells.

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