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PCR Cloning


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PCR Cloning
T-Vector Cloning Made Easy

Use the pGEM®-T Vectors for general PCR cloning and the pTargeT™ Vector when you need to express the insert in mammalian cells.

Featured Products

General PCR Cloning: pGEM®-T Vector Systems

Rapid and reliable system has no need for post-PCR modification. Cloning is complete in one hour at room temperature and easily releases the insert from the vector.

Direct Mammalian Expression: pTargeT™ Vector

Easily express cloned PCR products in mammalian cells using the powerful CMV promoter. Offers increased expression due to the SV40 late poly(A) sequence and origin of replication.

Featured Resources

Multimedia_fr pGEM®-T Vector Systems Video

The pGEM®-T Vector System is a convenient system for the cloning of PCR products, designed to improve the efficiency of ligation of the PCR product into the plasmid.

PAG_Cloning_fr Cloning

This chapter of the Protocols and Applications Guide provides a background on basic cloning with a focus on cloning PCR fragments.

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