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The Access RT-PCR System is designed for the reverse transcription (RT) and PCR amplification of a specific target RNA from total RNA or mRNA. This one-tube, two-enzyme system provides sensitive, quick and reproducible analysis of even rare RNAs. The system uses AMV Reverse Transcriptase (AMV RT) from Avian Myeloblastosis Virus for first-strand DNA synthesis and thermostable Tfl DNA polymerase from Thermus flavus for second-strand cDNA synthesis and DNA amplification. The Access RT-PCR System includes an optimized single-buffer system that permits extremely sensitive detection of RNA transcripts without a require...

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Access RT-PCR Introductory System

20 reactions
- A1260 $ 141.00 Add to cart

Access RT-PCR System

100 reactions
- A1250 $ 508.00 Add to cart

Access RT-PCR System

500 reactions
- A1280 $ 2,041.00 Add to cart

Available Separately

Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart

AMV Reverse Transcriptase

10u/μl M5101 $ 103.00 Add to cart

AMV Reverse Transcriptase

10u/μl M5108 $ 275.00 Add to cart

AMV Reverse Transcriptase (HC)

20–25u/μl M9004 $ 197.00 Add to cart

Storage Conditions

Store all system components at –20°C. For long-term storage, the Positive Control RNA with Carrier must be stored at –70°C.

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